May 30, 2022
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The Sun: MI6 believes that a double can work in Putin’s place

The British newspaper The Daily Star Sunday, citing sources in the British intelligence service MI6, spread materials stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly seriously ill, so a double is working in his place.

The department believes that in this way the Russian leader is trying to hide his poor health, since, in their opinion, he allegedly recently underwent surgery due to cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

The Sun: MI6 believes that a double can work in Putin's place

A newspaper source suggested that Putin’s recent public appearances may have been pre-recorded.

In addition, British “special agents” believe that in the event of the alleged death of the Russian president, the Kremlin will hide this information for several weeks, and possibly months.

Earlier, SM-News news agency wrote that after Vladimir Putin transferred the deterrence forces to a special mode of combat duty against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine, many are discussing the possibility of a Russian nuclear strike.

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