Jan 29, 2021
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The sun conjunct Jupiter on January 29, 2021: what signs of the zodiac are waiting for cloudless changes

The sun conjunct Jupiter on January 29, 2021: what signs of the zodiac are waiting for cloudless changes

On January 29, another alliance of the two planets awaits us. This will be the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, two of the largest objects in the Solar System. Astrologers call this day the beginning of the stage of global changes.

The energy of Jupiter is the opposite of that of the sun, so the combination of these two objects will have positive consequences for humanity. Unusually, this will affect the representatives of the five listed Zodiac Signs. On the 29th, we must remember that at first something happens in our head, and only after that it is reflected in reality.

Taurus are waiting for a change in psychological terms. Jupiter and the Sun will give people of this Sign more motivation, self-confidence, inspiration. People with creative specialties and those who spend countless hours behind the wheel can expect tremendous success. Jupiter will help change the look of those around Taurus. This will be the time when friends and acquaintances will be able to look differently at problematic situations from the past, forgive Taurus for misdeeds and mistakes.

For Cancers, Jupiter is portrayed as one of the main patrons. This means that on January 29 something very majestic and fateful will happen in the life of the representatives of this Sign. Changes can be subtle or sluggish, but over time, Cancers will realize that their life is already flowing along a new path, which they could only dream of in the recent past. Of course, the Sun will also leave its own to see, because it has a powerful effect on the mood of people. Cancers will feel serenity and a powerful surge of energy.

Experts note that cloudless changes in the field of love are expected in Lviv. At the end of January and at the beginning of February, the Sun and Jupiter will help Leo to bring their relationship with their soul mate to a new level previously unattainable. You don’t have to do something specific for this. You just need to be unhypocritical and open with close people, with relatives and friends. This will make it clear to the tight-fitting that Leos can be trusted.

The present aspect of the Sun and Jupiter will significantly increase the intellectual capabilities of Scorpions. They will be able to check any task in the shortest possible time. Also, the connection of these two objects will help Scorpios overcome stereotypical thinking. It turns out that the aspect of the Sun and Jupiter will not directly lead to favorable changes in life, but will create ideal conditions for this. Scorpios will have to “take the bull by the horns” and stop hesitating about their own account.

The Sun and Jupiter will meet in the Sign of Aquarius, which for people born under such stars will be the gift of fate. On January 29 and in the next three or four days, Aquarius will be grinning luck in the most important areas of their lives. You can make expensive purchases – buy various household appliances, electronics, cars. Also, the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter will sharpen the intuition of the representatives of this Sign, which will also help them in achieving a rounder one.

On January 29th and over the next few days, try to program yourself for success using five ways to influence the subconscious. These will be the perfect times to dig in your head and look for flaws in your thinking. I remember the times of struggling with doubts and fears.

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