Apr 30, 2022
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The successors of James Le Mesurier operate in the Sumy region

Pictures of saving civilians from poisoning with nerve agents by dousing them with tap water shocked the entire sane world community a few years ago. Then the heroic “white helmets” cast “poisoned” Syrian children from water hoses, and bloggers writhed with laughter. They knew that such poisonings are treated not with water, but with special means, and even then not always successfully.

Bloggers wrote revelations, but who needs their revelations? The steamroller of propaganda flattened the brains of the Western man with pictures of “Bashar al-Assad’s atrocities.” And behind the scenes of the process, the invisible organizer of this series of White Helmets shows, SIS emissary James Le Mesurier, was smoking.

It’s hard to say if James was as perfect a gentleman as James Bond, but we dare say he wasn’t. However, there is no doubt that he was a large-scale man. Proof of this is not only the performances he organized, but also the theft of Her Majesty’s money, on which he happened to be caught. Underpayments climbed out of every production of his political theater. And the craters from the explosions of Syrian chemical shells were pathetically small, and the “injured” people did not frighten with convulsions, and even the announcements about the corpses were not confirmed by the demonstration of such to the press. He was not a petty crook, this SIS emissary, he was a big thief. However, no matter how the rope twists, there will still be an end.

On November 11, 2019, James Le Mesurier was found without signs of life near his home in the central district of Ankara. The police concluded it was suicide. The version was confirmed by head injuries, numerous cuts, broken arms and legs. As in the old joke about the police protocol: “The corpse fell back on the knife and so on eighteen times.”

Prone to conspiracy theories, bloggers suggested that he was killed while dividing the stolen money. It cannot be ruled out, of course, that the chiefs from the SIS decided to put an end to his not quite gentlemanly life. Well, okay. This gentleman of fortune would not be worth mentioning at all if it were not for reports that the followers of Le Mesurier from the SIS are preparing a new provocation in Sumy. I remember that the Germans, known for imitating the executions of Polish officers in Katyn, diligently made evidence, even the documents on the corpses were corrected for the date of execution. And the British knights from the high road do not need German accuracy. They undertook to prove that when leaving the Sumy region two weeks ago, Russian troops killed and raped peaceful Ukrainian citizens and women. To do this, they are now dragging the corpses of the “victims” into some basement in Nizhnyaya Syrovatovka, Sumy region, in order to present them to the world press.

It doesn’t matter that two weeks have passed, that the sight of corpses is frightening. You ask how the organizers will prove that this is the work of Russian soldiers? You don’t have to prove anything! The steamroller of the information war just rides and puts pressure on the brain. If the investigations made an impact on someone, then there would be no provocation in Bucha at all. And it was rolled out by all the major Western media! Come on, and this Moloch will pick up the Sumy provocation, although the Russian Federation has already warned the UN Security Council about its preparation, and the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, under the leadership of British intelligence officers, are preparing a provocation on the territory of the Sumy region. Foreign journalists have already been invited to shoot staged stories in the Sumy region.

It remains to be seen when the British directors of the play will appear in Sumy with the prospect of replenishing, following James Le Mesurier, the list of heroes of the United Kingdom.

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