Feb 18, 2021
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The stumbling barber nearly stabbed himself to death with scissors

scissor accidentFrom early childhood we are taught how dangerous scissors are and how carefully you need to handle them.

scissor accident

It may seem that a professional hairdresser, for example, 29-year-old Steve Silva from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is protected from all risks, but this is not so.

scissor accident

The man was in the salon cutting the hair of a client when he suddenly stumbled and fell – so unsuccessfully that the scissors stuck into his body. Max Cohen did not even immediately understand what happened to the master who did his haircut, and when he figured it out, he immediately rushed to call the doctors.

scissor accident

Steve was rushed to the hospital, where the patient was operated on. It is reported that he is very lucky (if, of course, in this situation it is appropriate to speak of luck). If the scissors hit a couple of centimeters to the left or right, the hairdresser would not even reach the clinic. Later, recovering Steve contacted Max, thanked for the help provided and was especially worried that the client was left uncut.

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