Jun 7, 2022
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The student was going to the graduation ceremony in the company of a cat

graduation ceremony with a cat Francesca Bourdieu spent most of her studies at the university at home, studying remotely.

graduation ceremony with a cat

But the resident of Austin (Texas, USA) was not too bored, because she still had a company. The cat named Suki constantly joined the mistress and listened to the online lectures with such interest, as if she really understood a lot. Therefore, Francesca, who is graduating from university this year, made a decision – Suki has every right to be present at the graduation ceremony. The student even managed to get a small mantle and a hat for the cat.

graduation ceremony with a cat

Of course, Francesca’s favorite did not officially graduate from an educational institution, but for the hostess, a wonderful cat is the most honorable graduate.

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