Jan 17, 2022
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The student greeted the squirrel and panicked when she climbed into his lap

the student greeted the squirrelMany people are not averse to meeting wild animals, especially cute squirrels.

the student greeted the squirrel

So a 19-year-old student from Essex (UK) said hello to a curious rodent that got too close to him. Since the young man was sitting on a bench and having a snack, the squirrel, not without reason, decided that the friendly stranger would now begin to treat her. Convinced of this, the animal climbed up the student’s leg, intending to perch on his lap.

the student greeted the squirrel

It was then that our hero realized that friendship with wildlife is not always a source of comfort. The student panicked and started chasing away the squirrel, which must have racked its brains over the fickleness of human nature.

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