Jan 27, 2021
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The struggle for power goes into an open phase: how the “Kremlin towers” rock the presidential chair

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov (left to right)

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov (left to right) (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

At the first time, it might seem like an oversight, an oversight of assistants and adjutants, on the second, it could be very alerted and give rise to the idea that something was wrong, but it could still be attributed to the negligence and lack of professionalism of the team, but when this is repeated further – here sad conclusions suggest themselves.

So, let’s begin. December 10 last year Vladimir Putin commented on the case for the first time Ivana Safronova, accused of treason, saying that “he was not convicted because he worked as a journalist, not for his journalistic activities, but for the period of his work as an adviser to Roscosmos”. It is noteworthy here that at that time Safronov, firstly, had not yet been tried, and, secondly, according to the investigation, he transferred secret data in 2017, when he had not yet worked as an adviser Dmitry Rogozin

Later press secretary of the president Dmitry PeskovAnswering journalists’ questions, he clarified the discrepancy: “Of course, he does not know the details of the investigation. He spoke in general about what is imputed to Safronov. Collection and transmission of information. About the fact that he was convicted, and that during his work at Roscosmos, he made a reservation. This does not change the general meaning, ”he stressed.

It is curious that a week later at a press conference, Vladimir Vladimirovich still remained unconvinced, repeating again that this case was connected “with a long period of his work both within the framework of Rogozin’s assistant or adviser, when he worked in the government, and in Roscosmos worked ”(despite the fact that Safronov did not work in the government). “I said that this is due to a long period of time, including the period when he was Rogozin’s adviser,” Putin said after the press conference. That again demanded Peskov’s clarifications: “This information, which was provided, was reported to the head of state by the investigation,” he added, only confusing everyone and everything more.

There is clearly one of two things: either the president is given more relevant information, misinforming society, or vice versa. The case when Peskov confirmed that Putin did not have information and made a reservation hints at the former. But, be that as it may, you can still close your eyes to this, attributing it to the carelessness of the team that did not bother to inform the president properly (do not dismiss the version that the arrest of Safronov for one reason or another was beneficial to someone – so they rigged it ).

However, something similar happened again in connection with the sensational investigative film about “Putin’s palace” for 100 billion rubles in Gelendzhik. At first, the public was stunned by Peskov, who responded to a request from journalists to comment on the work of the “Berlin patient” team that he had not watched the film.

“Have you seen the video? So look! Are you so busy? Don’t you have time to watch a video discrediting your president? Why are you so busy? What is your job then? Are you on vacation? Then why are you answering the press at all? Do you have a deputy? Would you like me to recommend you a couple of journalism students for internships, deputy press secretaries? They will even work for free for a resume. From their third year they know how to answer such a question, “the publicist and writer reacted sharply, but absolutely justifiably. German Sadulaevwho in sympathy for Navalny obviously not suspicious.

After that, it’s even more interesting: “The only novelty here is that editing stories are used. In a pool in a certain palace, there is a shot of Putin floating in the Yenisei. The footage of Putin swimming in the Yenisei went around the world. This is a dry statement, ”Peskov commented on the investigation, for some reason quite seriously dwelling on the moment with the photo, which in the film itself is not positioned as evidence, but comes in the form of a joke or a meme. As if the press secretary had nothing more to grab onto!

Moreover, this approach found its continuation already in the mouth of the president: “Well, they posted my photo of swimming with the butterfly style. I’m so awkward, but sometimes I like to swim like that. In some pool I’ve never been. And I don’t know what this pool is. But I swam like that. When and where? In the Yenisei in 2016. Well, in such cases, it’s just a compilation, it’s editing ”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich, also as if not noticing the catch, since no one hid the fact that it was editing!

Where did Vladimir Vladimirovich get this information? “Look, I have not watched this film, there is simply no free time, but I was flipping through the video selections,” Putin said at the very beginning of his reply.

So that’s it! Someone, apparently, deliberately did so in order to sharpen the president’s attention on this moment, literally misinforming him. And here, after all, not the liberal Safronov, about whom many do not even know, but a movie that was watched by 90 million people (and the same number, probably, have read about him or heard something)!

Something this no longer sounds like an oversight, as if (at least there is such a feeling) someone is trying to create a picture of the president’s inadequacy. And all this against the background of the story with Navalny, with whom there are also many “dark spots”. For example, why don’t they arrest the same Volkova, the same Sablewho openly call for protests, while ordinary citizens or ordinary supporters of the opposition are “screwed” for such tricks just like that ?! Why do Navalny’s headquarters continue to work, if the authorities intend to be guided by the principle that everything should be within the law, as our president likes to repeat? Why does the “double standards” approach emerge here too?

“Because there is a game going on, a layout, the contours of which gradually add up to the overall picture. For a long time, a frustrating anti-Putin group of liberal Towers and individual high-ranking security officials who have joined them has been operating near the Kremlin. This is the “roof” of Navalny in the Russian Federation, in addition to the world globalist “club”, ”answers the chairman of the executive committee of the civil coalition“ Third Power ” Igor Skurlatov in your telegram channel.

In fact, about the same thing even before the president’s press conference at the end of last year, when all this mess with Navalny and numerous plums about the president’s personal life was just starting to brew. Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, Doctor of Political Sciences Sergei Obukhov, emphasizing that “in such situations, the undercover struggle of elite clans is accompanied by desacralization of the first person.” And what could be clearer than to expose it, excuse me, “inadequate”?

It’s impossible to imagine the best, because if we manage to achieve this, which is already being systematically implemented, then, consider, it will be possible to proceed to the final stage of the operation, especially since the society, thanks to the activity of Navalny and his team, will already be prepared – like a sprinter at the start … And then no riot police, no Rosgvardia will save the situation.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin is not taking any steps in this direction – which also suggests certain thoughts. However, based on the current situation, others cannot arise: the struggle for power is entering an open phase.

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