Jun 30, 2021
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The straight line has begun: Putin’s controversial accessory hit the camera first

The controversial accessory of Russian President Vladimir Putin last year was one of the first to hit the camera lenses. A direct line with the leader of Russia has begun.

Telegram channel RIA_Kremlinpool posted a video showing the beginning of a direct line with Vladimir Putin. There is a large table in the shot: the president shook hands with his female colleagues, who sat on both sides of the table, and he himself sat at the head.

Also, Vladimir Putin’s thermo mug got into the camera lenses.

“Putin is in the chair. The circle is in place. The direct line has begun,” the journalists signed the video.

Recall that in December last year, the president revealed the contents of his thermo mug. According to the president, he drinks a collection of Siberian herbs from a thermo mug.

“Tea. It’s not even tea, but a brew of Siberian herbs,” Putin said at the time.

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