Jan 13, 2022
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The store questioned whether the buyer is old enough to buy sausage

the customer buys the sausageArriving at the Tesco store in Fulbourn (England), the buyer selected the necessary goods and went to the self-service checkout, after which a strange incident happened.

the customer buys the sausage

A man who is already 30 years old had to wait for a seller who would confirm his age, and all because of the most ordinary sausage.

the customer buys the sausage

To be more precise, because of the salchichon sausage. Its name “saucisson sec” was erroneously entered into the system as “saucisson secateurs”, and the word “secateurs” unequivocally hinted that the buyer was going to purchase a pruner, that is, a sharp tool, for the purchase of which you must be at least 18 years old.

the customer buys the sausage

Of course, the confusion that the sausage lover told about caused a lot of jokes on the Internet. Now people are urging store employees to deal with the mistake, and if necessary, make sure from their own experience that cutting garden roses with sausage will not work.

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