Sep 17, 2020
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The State Duma will develop standards for regulating the work of car sharing

A working group of experts created by the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction will work out the rules for regulating the work of car sharing operators. The first deputy chairman of the committee, Vitaly Efimov, told about this, TASS reports.

According to Efimov, during the first meeting, the specialists identified the goals and objectives of the group. The interlocutor of the agency does not exclude that specialists will also be engaged in the development of a draft of the relevant law, since now, as he specified, “there are many questions for those who organize car sharing”.

The representative of the State Duma drew attention to the need to ensure the safety of the services provided, as well as the availability of such business development. In this regard, the parliamentarian stressed that within the framework of the law there will be no restrictions or obstacles for the operation of car sharing.

“We need to do something so that those who have no right to drive,” said Vitaly Efimov, did not get into the cars.

It is noted that as a response to this problem, requirements for the installation of additional devices in the car may be introduced. Meanwhile, the working group is currently analyzing the foreign experience of the service.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on subsidizing car leasing for car-sharing companies.

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