Dec 30, 2020
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The State Duma will consider the proposal for mandatory party primaries

The expediency of mandatory party primaries before the presidential or Duma elections will be discussed at the Expert Council on improving electoral legislation, created under the State Duma Committee on Control and Regulations. This is stated in the response to the appeal of the director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics Anton Orlov, signed by the head of the Duma Committee Olga Savastyanova, the text of which was read by

The letter notes that the procedure of preliminary intra-party voting (primaries) in recent years has become “an integral part of the Russian political system.”

At the same time, at present, the basis and procedure for carrying out this procedure are governed by the norms of the charters and other party documents and are issues of the internal self-organization of a political party., – the document says.

The committee also noted “certain advantages of preliminary intra-party voting, which can help increase real competition within a political party, create conditions for staffing and renewal of the political organization.” However, in the opinion of the parliamentarians, the incorporation of this institution into Russian legislation is possible only with the accumulation of sufficient practice, taking into account the existing features of the regulation of the electoral process.

The need to introduce this institution into the legally regulated electoral process should be determined on the basis of a deep study of its advantages and disadvantages, a comprehensive assessment of possible legal consequences, as well as taking into account the preservation of a high level of guarantees for the exercise of citizens’ electoral rights., – noted in the letter of the Duma committee.

The State Duma plans to consider these proposals within the framework of the Expert Council’s work on improving electoral legislation with the involvement of a wide range of specialists and representatives of the public.

As previously wrote, Anton Orlov, director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics, appealed to the Central Executive Committee of the Russian Federation, as well as the State Duma and the Federation Council, with a request to assess the expediency of mandatory party primaries before the presidential or Duma elections. The expert explained his initiative by the recent declining interest of the Russian voter in electoral procedures. In his opinion, the primaries will help form a clearer picture of voters and allow them to take a responsible approach to the voting process.

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