Feb 20, 2021
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The State Duma responded to Biden’s statements about Russia: Slovobludie

President of the United States Joe Biden has once again lashed out at Russia. Loud accusations against Moscow were made during the Munich Security Conference.

The American leader said that Russia wants to weaken the “European project” and NATO. According to Joe Biden, it is easier for the Kremlin to fight individual countries than to sit at the negotiating table with a single transatlantic alliance. In this regard, the President called for the protection of Ukraine’s independence.

The State Duma reacted to Biden’s words. In a conversation with RIA Novosti, deputy Ruslan Balbek noted: NATO members are watching Moscow with apprehension, because they understand that “they will be rebuffed in all directions” in case of aggression. He stressed that the alliance’s desire to disarm Russia will not come true.

Balbek called Biden’s statements “verbiage”, which is designed for sycophants and debtors, such as Ukraine. The deputy added that there is no place on this earth in the philosophy of the American leader of Russia. The country should either not exist at all, or be completely subordinate to NATO.

Balbeck earlier responded to the US condition for the lifting of sanctions. Washington has pledged to lift the restrictions if Moscow abandons its position on Crimea. The deputy said that the peninsula will remain part of Russia, despite any threats. “There is nothing to frighten us with,” he stressed.

Earlier, journalist Vladimir Pozner gave a forecast about relations between Moscow and Washington. In his opinion, Joe Biden sees Russia as a dangerous enemy. All the details are in the material of “”.


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