Nov 17, 2021
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The State Duma passed a law allowing to conclude an employment contract remotely

At a plenary meeting on November 17, the State Duma adopted in the final reading a law allowing the conclusion of an employment contract between an employee and an employer remotely, RIA Novosti reports.

The authors of the initiative explained that the document is aimed at optimizing the interaction between employers and employees. With the adoption of the law, the applicant will be able to choose an employer from another region, be interviewed remotely and conclude an employment contract.

The senators also stressed that electronic document circulation will increase the efficiency of formalizing official labor relations.

It is also noted that when switching to electronic personnel workflow, the employer notifies employees, who, in turn, have the right to refuse this.

On the eve it became known that Russians aged 50 and over can undergo remote retraining programs in 85 universities of the country.

Earlier, the lawyer spoke about the rights and opportunities of telecommuting employees.

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