Oct 2, 2021
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The State Duma gave advice on saving on utility bills

State Duma Deputy Roman Lyabikhov told the Russians how you can save on utility bills. In an interview with URA.RU, he advised to regularly check receipts and use energy-saving lamps to reduce utility bills.

“The simplest thing that every citizen can do, which will significantly reduce their costs for utilities, is to install meters (…) It is also important to regularly check on the receipt what services you pay for. It may turn out that without actually receiving them, you pay for them, ”Lyabikhov noted and added that for those who are going on vacation, there is also an opportunity to reduce the cost of communal services.

According to him, a citizen who was unable to transfer testimony on time due to his departure and received a receipt at the general household tariff can draw up a recalculation after taking control readings. To do this, he needs to apply with the appropriate application to the management company. “If the Criminal Code incorrectly applied the tariffs, then it makes sense to contact the territorial department of the State Housing Inspection,” the deputy concluded and reminded of the benefits for disabled people, pensioners, labor veterans and residents of the Far North.

Earlier, experts in the housing and communal services sector said that refusing to use a garbage chute in an apartment building is one of the ways to save on housing and communal services, on average it allows residents to reduce costs by a thousand rubles a year.

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