Oct 14, 2020
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The State Duma Committee supported the extension of the freeze of the funded part of the pension

The State Duma's Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs supported government bills to extend the freeze of the funded part of the pension until the end of 2023 and to increase the expected payment period (life span) by six months. TASS writes about this with reference to the head of the committee, Yaroslav Nilov.

According to him, the majority voted in favor of extending the freeze, while he himself abstained.

The politician added that the most important thing is that these projects go through all stages, including the approval of the Federation Council and the signing by the president before January 1, while "synchronization" with the consideration of the draft federal budget is not required.

Recall that since 2014, contributions to the funded part in the amount of 6% of the salaries of Russians are sent to the insurance part for payments to current pensioners. According to the current legislation, the measure is valid until 2022.

Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to work out the issue of indexing pensions for working pensioners.

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