Nov 23, 2021
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The State Duma assessed the actions of the United States in relation to the Russian diaspora

The State Duma intends to condemn the aggressive actions of the United States authorities in relation to Russian compatriots and demand an end to the oppression. The draft statement was posted on November 23 in the Duma electronic database, TASS reports.

The document was introduced by the chamber committee for CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots.

The text says that in the last year, about 300 representatives of the Russian diaspora in the United States were persecuted by the American special services on far-fetched grounds. Searches and interrogations, confiscation of personal belongings grossly violate the rights of Russian compatriots to be able to maintain contact with their homeland, the draft document says. In addition, the US authorities are forcing compatriots to abandon the preservation of their native language and culture, from the right to their identity, which is contrary to the United States Constitution.

The parliamentarians intend to declare such actions unfriendly and demand an end to them. The State Duma also wants to call on inter-parliamentary organizations and parliaments of the EU countries to condemn the discriminatory policies of the United States.

Last week, the Russian Embassy in Washington turned to the American side with a demand to stop the persecution of the Russian diaspora in the United States. Russian diplomats were outraged by the “hostile actions of the United States” against the Russians under the pretext of suspicion of working in the United States without registering as foreign agents.

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