Oct 15, 2020
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The stars of “House-2” Valery Blumenkrantz and Anna Levchenko admitted that they left the project due to the risk of health problems in their unborn child

18:30, 10/14/2020

The ex-participant of the telestroke said that the repeated test showed no malformations of the baby.

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Ex-participant of "House-2" Anna Levchenko announced her pregnancy in June this year. Shortly before this, Anna's beloved Valery Blumenkrantz proposed to her. On August 30, Blumenkrantz and Levchenko got married at the expense of the TV project, as they became the winners of the "Wedding for a Million" competition. At the end of September, Anna and Valery declassified the sex of the unborn child, announcing that they would become the parents of the boy, and then left the television project together.

As it turned out today, Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz left Dom-2 due to the fact that the first studies revealed malformations of the child. In tears, Levchenko told in the Stories section that doctors were preparing her for an abortion. Anna and Valery went beyond the Perimeter in order to once again pass all the necessary tests and make sure of the baby's condition. However, today the results of new studies have come, which have shown that the son of the ex-participants in the telestroke is completely healthy. Anna Levchenko shared her joy on her microblog on Instagram.

Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz

“Let me tell you our most important secret - our first screening was bad. The doctors said that it might be necessary to terminate the pregnancy, since the screening is bad and the child may be unhealthy, and so for a month and a half I lived on my nerves, in tears, and after that we left the project to deal with everything and do all the tests and bypass all the doctors. And we did tests for all the diseases in the child, and both of us got tests today !!! We are absolutely HEALTHY and we have 100% Son. You can't even imagine that we experienced this time and the waiting time for the results of all studies, ”said Anna Levchenko (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

But Anna's husband Valery Blumenkrantz was initially convinced that an error had crept into the test results, and believed in a successful outcome. In the Stories section of Anna Levchenko, he said that he tried to calm his wife in these difficult two weeks and instill in her an optimistic mood. “Believe in the best and never lower your head! We have a very happy day today, ”Valery said in his microblog on Instagram.

Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz

Recall that on the television project "Dom-2" Anna Levchenko and Valery had an extremely difficult relationship. Several times the lovers quarreled and conflicted, and three weeks after the wedding, Anna even announced that she was divorcing Valery. However, a common problem united the spouses. Now Blumenkrantz and Levchenko live in St. Petersburg and are preparing to be added to the family.

We add that the child from Anna Levchenko will be the second for Valery Blumenkrantz. Also, the ex-participant of the TV show has a three-year-old daughter. Betty from ex-wife Tata Abramson. Recently, Tata announced that she was going to deprive the ex-spouse of parental rights. According to the reality TV star, Valery does not show any interest in his daughter and did not even say goodbye to her before moving to St. Petersburg. However, Blumenkrantz still managed to negotiate with his ex-wife. On Monday he met Betty and spent the whole day with his daughter.

Valery Blumenkrantz with his daughter Betty

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