Oct 15, 2020
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The stars of “House-2” Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monakh left the project

00:35, 10/16/2020

The couple decided to leave after the close of the Save Your Love show.

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This week it became known about the closure of the show "Save Your Love" and "Island of Love". This was announced by the organizers of the projects on the official website of "House-2". According to the team, the large number of shows added ambiguity to the overall storyline. There were too many participants at three venues, which made it difficult for viewers to follow the development of their favorite characters. Today the participants of the show "Save your love" Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monakh announced their departure from the project. About this in his microblog in Instagram Angelina said. She admitted that she would miss the show, but after closing she and her husband refused to switch to the television set Dom-2.

"We left the TV project ... Living under cameras 24/7 is hard. Especially for me!But you saw our naked souls. I don't know if this is good or bad, but we are like this ... real, alive, with our cockroaches?Of course, the Internet doesn't forget anything and maybe someday Stepa and I will remember something and make fun of us, but it was my conscious choice to come to the project. Am I sorry? No! Firstly, my daughter was born on a television project. Secondly, I learned a different world. Thirdly, new opportunities opened up for me.Many have a question: "Why did we decide to leave the TV set?"... Friends! No matter how funny it sounds now, Stepan and I are the most adult participants. And pensioners on the project, as they say, have no place. A couple more years and the pension fund will be waiting for us.Jokes as a joke, of course, but seriously, in the atmosphere of eternal filming, our baby should not grow and develop. Because it’s stressful and it’s incredibly difficult ”, - wrote Monk (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. Prim. row.).

The stars of "House-2" Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monakh left the project

Note that Menshchikov and Monk registered their relationship in July. The couple took part in the Million Dollar Wedding in the hope of winning the grand prize, but dropped out of the game in the first round. Despite the loss, Stepan and Angelina did not postpone the wedding, and after almost a month, on August 26, they became parents. The child was born in one of the Moscow maternity hospitals. The delivery lasted three hours and passed without complications. Despite the fact that the ultrasound scan before birth showed too little fetal weight, which worried the expectant mother very much, the girl was born completely healthy.

Before giving birth, Angelina did not disclose to Stepan the sex of the unborn child, wanting to make a surprise. After the birth of the girl, the star parents did not tell her name either. Later it turned out that the child was named Stepania. The unusual name has caused varying reactions from Internet users, many of whom began to criticize their parents for the choice. As a result, Angelina could not stand it and rather sharply answered the haters. In his microblog in Instagram she stated that the name was chosen eight months before the birth of the child. "We wanted it to be a derivative of our names, this is a mutual decision. Everyone will know how we will call the boy when we do it, ”the Monk shared with subscribers.

Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monk

Let us remind you that Stepan Menshchikov first came to Dom-2 in 2004. He expressed sympathy for one of the brightest participants Olga Buzova and built a relationship with Alena Vodonaeva. Victoria Bonya was on the list of his lovers, the relationship with whom quickly ended. After another stormy breakup, Stepan Menshchikov began dating Alexandra Kharitonova. Their acquaintance took place in Thailand and grew into a novel. Stepan Menshchikov left the project after his beloved girl, but their relationship did not work out.

Stepan Menshchikov and his daughter Stepania

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