Apr 2, 2021
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The stars of “House-2” Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrants became parents

01:21, 02.04.2021

The ex-participants in the TV show had a son.

Former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrants accept congratulations on the birth of their son Davidwho became their first common child. The boy was born in one of the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg, his mother’s hometown. Anna and Valery chose a partner birth, so Blumenkrantz was next to his beloved woman during the fights and was one of the first to pick up the newborn heir. Valery talked about the hours of waiting for his birth and the first minutes of his life in his microblog on Instagram.

“Blumenkrants David Valerievich. We did a great job together with you today. Thank you for choosing me and my dad, ”Anna wrote on the social network, sharing the first photo in which she was captured with the baby. She admitted that the birth was long and difficult: the contractions began at night and lasted 22 hours, so she could not sleep. She is very tired, but very happy. According to the ex-participant of the telestroke, she had reliable and professional support in childbirth. She thanked the doctor and other employees of the hospital, posting photos with them on the microblog.

Anna Levchenko and doctor Georgy Partsalis

For Valery Blumenkrantz, their son with Anna became the second child: he still has a daughter Beatrice from a previous marriage with another member of “House-2” Tata Abramson. Tata and Valery got married in April 2016, and three months later their daughter was born. The relationship between the girl’s parents could not be called peaceful, because they often arranged public quarrels and in the summer of 2018 announced that they had decided to finally break up. A year after the divorce from Abramson Blumenkrantz was kicked out of “House-2” after his fight with another participant in the television project, Yevgeny Romashov, in a fight with whom Valery broke his finger.

However, a year later, Blumenkrantz returned to reality shows, where he began to develop a romantic relationship with Anna Levchenko. Less than four months have passed since the beginning of the novel, as Valery made her a marriage proposal. At the same time, their union cannot be called exemplary either: the lovers often quarreled, disagreed and could not find a common language even during Anna’s pregnancy. So, a month before the birth of their son David, Levchenko and Blumenkrantz celebrated March 8 separately from each other, and Anna complained to her fans on the social network that Valery did not give her anything on the occasion of the holiday. Be that as it may, on the birthday of his son, Blumenkrantz showed himself as a caring father and husband.

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