Sep 15, 2020
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The star of “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkova released her first book

21:03, 09/14/2020

The actress spoke about the role of women in a world owned by men.

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Former participant of the popular show "Ural dumplings" Yulia Mikhalkova announced the appearance of her first book back in June. Then the actress said that she was ready to share her own experience and tell how a woman can survive in the male world of show business, politics and the alleys of working-class districts. Today it became known that the book “Don't say NO to men!” Has already been published by AST nonfiction.

Mikhalkova's literary debut is dedicated to the relationship between men and women. On her way, Yulia met dozens of different men - friends, mentors and, of course, lovers - each of whom became a teacher for her, gave her a unique experience. The author urges not to reject the experience presented by a man and are not afraid of resentment. “For every woman, a man is a phenomenon that makes her life sustainable and meaningful. How exactly does it do - the second question. In this book, I want to clearly prove this curious idea to you. I'll tell you about my past and how it influenced the future, about the value of moving across the vast territory of Russia, and what a key, connecting role was played in this by boys, guys, men and gray-haired elders - from Ural Dumplings, spectators, politicians and just random oncoming. So this is my first solo literary concert. The curtain opens. Your applause, ”says Mikhalkova.

Julia Mikhalkova released her first book

Julia Mikhalkova was born on July 12, 1983 in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region. While in school, she worked as a youth news presenter on local television. After receiving a certificate, she entered the Ural State Pedagogical University to study a teacher of Russian language and literature. She also graduated from the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute. Since 2009, Yulia Mikhalkova has become an actress in the comedy Show of the Ural Dumplings.

The actress said that at the time of the launch of the project she was already familiar with many of its artists. Most of them treated her like a daughter. The stars had already followed Mikhalkova when she was part of the “NonParni” team, and understood what she was capable of professionally. That is why she was invited to appear in the program. Julia left the show last year. At the end of July, the actress announced that she would be involved in a new show on STS STORIZ.

Yulia Mikhalkova

For a long time, Julia did not give any comments regarding her personal life. However, it is known that since 2010 Yulia Mikhalkova met with a deputy of the regional Duma of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region Igor Danilov... On Julia's 30th birthday, Igor presented his beloved with a diamond ring and made an offer to marry him.

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