Dec 29, 2020
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The star of “Univer” spoke about the romance with Asmus and the reason for their separation

Actor Alexei Gavrilov reported that he had a close relationship with Christina Asmus. He shared details about why the novel did not receive a sequel.

The star of

Alexey Gavrilov, famous for his role as Gosha in the television series “Univer”, said that during the filming of the project he and Christina Asmus unexpectedly made friends.

According to the artist, at some point they began to spend countless amounts of time together during the intervals, later together they began to leave the filming. At the same time, Gavrilov hammered in that on the site they did not show that there was something between them.

However, after some time, the relationship fell apart. The reason was one feature of Christina, Alexey told about this in an interview with StarHit.

“Christina is an actress-actress. At some point, I stopped understanding where the person is and where the image is, ”recalls Gavrilov, stressing that he considers his colleague to be very talented.

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