Oct 16, 2020
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The star of the TV series “Territory” Gleb Kalyuzhny told how he got to school for difficult teenagers

12:14, 10/16/2020

The actor was sent to an educational institution on the commission on juvenile affairs after running away from home.

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22-year-old Gleb Kalyuzhny began his acting career when he was only 15, acting in extras. Once, a casting manager wrote to him on social networks, inviting him to the main role in the film "14+". After the debut, job offers literally fell on Kalyuzhny. He appeared on the same screen with Yevgeny Tsyganov, Daria Moroz and Maria Shalaeva in the TV series Red Bracelets on Channel One. And this autumn on the TNT channel came out the mystical series "Territory", which brought Gleb Kalyuzhny wide popularity. In "Territory" Kalyuzhin plays a young man who goes in search of the missing expedition of ethnographers, which included his parents. Gleb spent more than three months filming in the Perm Territory, far from civilization. According to the young actor, "Territory" has become a real school of survival for him.

It should be noted that Gleb Kalyuzhny has no acting education. Overall, his teenage years were extremely challenging. Even as a child, Gleb shied away from school, feigning illness. Kalyuzhny joked that this was his first acting job. Soon his parents divorced, and Gleb and his mother moved to the center of Moscow, where he studied at an elite school. However, Kalyuzhny was biased there. In addition, his mother began to have difficulties with work. The future actor could not stand the tense situation at home, so he decided to run away.

Andrey Merzlikin and Gleb Kalyuzhny in the TV series "Territory"

Soon the escaped Gleb Kalyuzhny was found by the police. They sent him to the commission on juvenile affairs, where he was sent to a school for troubled teenagers. The actor recalled that his classmates were really problem children. “As a result, I ended up in a school for children with deviant behavior - in other words, for difficult teenagers. It was the end of the eighth grade. I was not very accepted by the teachers. They could easily say something like: “If I find out that you are selling heroin at school, I will hand you over to the cops right away!” - said Gleb Kalyuzhny in an interview with SRSLY. Kalyuzhny also said that his classmates tried to beat him, but soon he managed to find a common language with them.

In the future, Gleb Kalyuzhny was treated with respect at the school for difficult teenagers. He became the captain of the local KVN team, and won the competition. However, when Gleb began to receive job offers, he practically stopped showing up at school. As a result, he never passed the exam to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. Soon Kalyuzhny's school was closed, and he began to look for an external study in order to pass the exams faster. But due to his busy work schedule, he was never able to devote time to study.

Gleb Kalyuzhny

“I can probably count on my fingers how many times I've been to school. My mother went there with me, I swore and swore that I would hand over everything, finished somehow with grief in half and took the documents. I received a certificate, but I did not pass the exam, and without it they will not be accepted to any university. And I realized that I had to study for another six months to enter the theater, where I would spend four more years, in fact, locked up, because I would not be able to act in films, or make music, or work and help my family, ”Kalyuzhny said in an interview.

Interview with Gleb Kalyuzhny for SRSLY

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