Oct 18, 2020
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The star of the TV series “Sasha Tanya” told how others reacted to her pregnancy

16:05, 18.10.

Not everyone could believe in the interesting position of the 31-year-old artist.

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Alina Lanina gained great fame after the role of Eva in the TV series "Sasha Tanya". The attractive actress on the screen played the role of Sylvester Sergeev's wife and the mother of his youngest child. What really happens in the personal life of Alina Lanina herself - one can only guess. The star prefers not to disclose the details of family life, and it is impossible to find a photo of a man in her microblog on Instagram.

However, it seems that Alina Lanina's heart is busy. On the social network, the actress announced her pregnancy. The artist published a video with a big belly and wrote that she was already ripe to talk about a special event. It is worth noting that many did not believe in the interesting position of the artist - Alina began to be suspected of deception.

Alina Lanina carefully concealed her pregnancy

Today, the Artist thanked everyone for the congratulations and decided to tell how others reacted to her pregnancy. “A fly in the ointment and a surprise was total disbelief ... Like, this is a joke. How our heads and senses are “ripped off” by the venal hype that we see a catch everywhere and a desire to raise the coverage by exploiting the most tender and reverent topics. Fu-fu. I would never. Or maybe I overdid it with conspiracy. Or I am perceived exclusively as a machine for the production of content for Russian TV, and not as a woman and mother. Although, at first, I myself did not believe. And as I realized, I began to rejoice and still continue to ride, as you may have already noticed, ”wrote Alina Lanina in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are here and below without changes. - Prim. row.).

Recall that Alina Lanina, after graduating from the acting department of the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute, moved to Moscow. The aspiring actress got a cameo role in the series "Wedding Ring", and then appeared in the serial film "Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens." The career of the actress took off after she got roles in the sitcom "Sasha Tanya".

Alina Lanina on the set of the TV series "Sasha Tanya"

“A light, funny series about family and household life, which has already been loved by many! Humor is not only visual, but also verbal, you can just listen while you are busy with household chores. Although the authors bother with the visual. Each episode has a new storyline. It is convenient to start from any moment ”, - this is how Alina Lanina herself describes the series“ Sasha Tanya ”.

Alina Lanina also managed to star in the Russian film about superheroes "Defenders" by Sarik Andreasyan. According to the plot, the action of the picture unfolds during the USSR. The heroes of the film are secret agents from the Soviet Union with various superpowers. They can control the elements, transform into other creatures, and have martial arts skills. For the role in "Defenders" Alina Lanina had to work hard on her body in the gym. “This is in preparation for The Defenders. 52 kg and already a month on chicken breast. The mood and state of health are disgusting, ”Alina recalls about her preparation for filming.

Alina Lanina before filming the film "The Defenders"

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