Mar 31, 2021
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The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” Maria Kulikova explained why she does not act in the projects of the First Channel

17:26, 03/31/2021

The actress said because of what she has many one-sided roles.

Maria Kulikova viewers especially fell in love with the role of the doctor Marina Narochinskaya in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”. The actress has repeatedly admitted that she likes working in the project. In addition, Kulikova is friends with her colleagues on the set, including Maxim Averin.

However, today Kulikova told why she has a lot of one-sided roles. The actress starred in more than 50 TV series, such as Husband for an Hour, Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka, For Your Happiness, Two Fates, and others. However, now Kulikova is working on a new project by Vadim Perelman, whose House of Sand and Fog has received three Oscar nominations.

Maxim Averin and Maria Kulikova on the set of the Sklifosovsky TV series

“And by some miracle he chose me, Masha Kulikova. I was just shocked. It was as if a bottle of expensive champagne had opened, although I was ready to drink tap water for the rest of my life. I remember that I had already met the director, producer and still did not believe. It seemed to me that something was bound to break. And to this day, I have the feeling of a fairy tale that I got into. Fortunately, Vadim didn’t care that I mainly star in TV shows of a certain genre. He just needed just such a type, ”said Kulikova.

In addition, Maria noted that directors are looking for new faces in the United States. “They are going on old rails here. For example, I don’t get to sample pictures for Channel One, I don’t even have a chance. some kind of system is very strange: there are artists from TNT, NTV, “Russia”, Channel One and those who are filmed on video platforms. Because of this, I have a lot of one-sided roles. And Perelman gave me a chance, “- said the actress in an interview with” 7days “.

Maria Kulikova with her son

Kulikova noted that Perelman’s project was filmed in Belarus. “We will be filming this summer. Perhaps I will take Vanya with me, he usually travels with me to the shooting in the summer. But the last time he stayed in Moscow, and then went to the sea with his dad, ”said Maria.

Recall that now Maria Kulikova is in a relationship with a colleague Vitaly Kudryavtsev… The actors have been together since 2015, but the first rumors about their romance appeared only at the end of 2018. The lovers themselves refrain from commenting, but the former wife of Kudryavtsev Serafima Nizovskaya said in an interview that Maria and Vitaly have been living together for a long time. Previously, Kulikova was married to Denis Matrosov, from whom she gave birth to a son Ivana… The couple divorced in 2015, but maintained a good relationship.

Vitaly Kudryavtsev and Maria Kulikova

It is worth noting that Kulikova was repeatedly credited with an affair with Averin. However, the actors themselves refute such speculation, emphasizing that they are good friends. “He is cool. We studied together practically. With a difference of a year. We have a platonic relationship… From this they are unique, because they are not subject to the same avalanche-like moments when something goes somewhere. Our feelings can be carried throughout our lives. We still carry it proudly, with joy, and we are not going to give it up, ”Maria said in the show“ The Fate of a Man ”.

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