Jan 29, 2021
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The star of the series “Parents” Alexander Samoilenko touchingly honored the memory of his deceased mother, asking her forgiveness

10:14, 01/29/2021

The 56-year-old actor admitted that he had a difficult relationship with a loved one.

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Alexander Samoilenko is known as a theater and film actor. The 56-year-old star has more than a hundred roles in films and TV series, including Daddy’s Daughters, Salyut-7, Arrhythmia and Serf. Last fall, the fourth season of the popular sitcom “Parents” was released, in which the actor plays the head of the Sokolov family. The hero Samoylenko has three sons, whom he brings up with his wife Masha, whose image was embodied by Maria Poroshina.

Several hours ago, Samoilenko admitted that there were problems in his family. They did not get along with their mother, and now that she is gone, it is difficult for the artist to come to terms with this fact. “Mom left … we had a difficult relationship, but I have always loved and love you !!! It’s hard to accept! Forgive me … (spelling and punctuation of the author unchanged. – Noteed.). Alexander published an archival photo of his mother, in which he is still a little boy.

Alexander Samoilenko honored the memory of his mother

Note that Alexander Samoilenko was born on March 28, 1964 in Tashkent. The actor’s dad was a professor of biology, and his mother taught. From childhood, Sasha showed himself as a creative person, but when after school he decided to enter the theater, his mother opposed. The future star had no choice but to independently make the path to fame. He graduated from the Shchukin Higher Theater School and got a job as an administrator at the Vakhtangov Theater. The artist began to work by profession only in 1997, before that he was engaged in the restaurant business. Samoylenko played in 12 Maroseyka, Night and Day Watch. The image of the dentist Andrei Antonov in Daddy’s Daughters brought fame to Alexander.

It is noteworthy that his son, Alexander Samoilenko Jr., followed in his father’s footsteps. The 24-year-old actor was born in December 1996 in the marriage of a star and his first wife Elena… In 2015, Sasha starred in the first season of Parents, acting as the eldest son of the Sokolovs Timofey. The artist is married to Anna Lebedeva, and in one of his recent interviews he admitted that after playing a young father in the third season of the sitcom, he himself wanted to become a dad. Samoylenko Jr. admitted that as soon as he held the baby in his arms, he began to imagine how he spends time with his children, for example, reading. The actor remembered how his parents read him books about Harry Potter as a child.

Maria Poroshina, Alexander Samoilenko Sr., his son and other athera in the series “Parents-4”

We add that in December of the year before last, Samoilenko Sr. played the father of a spoiled major in Klim Shipenko’s comedy “The Slave”. The parent of the hero Milos Bikovich developed a plan on how to change his son, according to which Grisha, who got out of his hands, gets into a rigged car accident, after which he allegedly finds himself in the past, where he is a simple slave living at a noble estate. In the summer of 2020, viewers saw a new project featuring a 56-year-old star. It was the series “Consequences”, in which Alexander played a businessman struggling with cancer. This year Samoilenko will play in the new season of the series “Murderers”. It is also known that the actor will accompany Alexander Petrov and Christina Asmus in Shipenko’s new drama December, dedicated to the last days Sergei Yesenin.

Alexander Samoilenko in the “Kholop”

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