Sep 5, 2021
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The star of the series “Matchmakers” spoke about the illness

Russian actor, star of the series “Matchmakers” Fyodor Dobronravov spoke about the stroke he suffered in 2018. Writes about this “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The actor said that he once thought that he was a Don trotter. This is the only horse that dies at a gallop. “And the Don trotter gallops and dies on its feet. I also decided that I would die on the run. And a few years ago there was a stroke. And that’s all. There is no speech, no hand, ”Dobronravov said.

When the artist was brought to the hospital with an illness, the doctor asked if he agreed to the operation. “And when I realized that there was not much left to live, everything became not so important, not so essential. Everything became easier because I stopped worrying and getting upset over trifles, ”he said.

Dobronravov admitted that he now enjoys every day he has lived and does not get tired of thanking his wife, whom he has known since the fifth grade. “All I have achieved is her merit,” he said.

Dobronravov suffered a stroke in March 2018. The artist with signs of a stroke was taken to one of the Moscow region hospitals on March 17. During the night his condition improved, but the next day he felt worse again. The actor went to a Moscow hospital, where he underwent an operation.

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