Jan 29, 2021
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The star of the series “Karpov” Oleg Karin, at the request of his mistress, made a DNA test to establish kinship with his daughter from his wife, whom he abandoned

06:52, 29.01.2021

The 50-year-old actor came to find out the details of the authenticity of his paternity on the show “Actually”.

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Actor Oleg Karin, who is known for his roles in the TV series “Karpov”, “Capercaillie”, “Death of the Empire”, became the hero of the new episode of the show “Actually”. The 50-year-old actor came to the shooting in order to find out if he is the father of his three-year-old daughter Alicia, who was born in a five-year civil marriage with his 33-year-old ex-wife Victoria Akhmadullina… The artist conducted a DNA test at the request of a young mistress Anastasia Symonenko, to which he left his wife.

“I am a beautiful young girl. And Victoria walked up the child. We have mutual friends, and they said that she was walking with a guy before Oleg. So this is a child from that man, ”said 26-year-old beloved Karina. Another guest of the program, private detective Ernest Aslanyan confirmed the information. The detective found out that the ex-husband of Akhmadulina was recorded in the birth certificate of the child’s father Alexander, whom she fictitiously married when she was already pregnant with Alicia. The information turned out to be enough to convince Oleg to carry out a genetic examination. At the same time, the star of the series admitted that he would not give up his daughter, even if it turns out that he is not her own father.

Oleg Karin with his daughter Alicia

Oleg Karin was given an envelope with the results of the examination, but he did not dare to publish them. “I categorically declare that Alicia is my daughter. And the fact that I did a DNA test does not speak of doubts, rather of interest, but nothing more. The result doesn’t matter to me. I have never claimed that Victoria was faithful to me. Nor do I dispute that I love Alicia and will help her until she comes of age, ”the actor admitted. The hero of the show handed a paper with data to his ex-wife, who was shocked by the conclusions of the experts, but did not voice what he read. Program Expert Sabina Pantus dotted all the and’s. “Do I understand correctly that Oleg is not Alicia’s father? In my opinion, everything is obvious. Her father is Alexander, ”the profiler concluded. At the same time, Pantus noted that she knew the results of the DNA test, but was on Victoria’s side, since she had no selfish motives. “She really loves Oleg sincerely,” Sabina emphasized.

Oleg’s ex-wife Karina Victoria

We add that the day before yesterday for the help of another expert “Actually” Roman Ustyuzhanin Roman Zhukov addressed. The 53-year-old performer was suspected of lying. his ex-wife Elena, who announced that she was pregnant with the star of the 90s for the eighth time. Elena Zhukova came to the shooting, but refused to go through the detector, referring to the fact that she was in a position, and she should not be nervous.

According to the former wife of Zhukov, Roman came to her for consolation after a quarrel with his current chosen one. Olga Illarionova… The ex-husband said that he still loves Lena and that he left his young wife. As a result of this meeting, the mother of seven children of the musician became pregnant again. “I can fly easily! Three years ago there was almost the same situation. Roma came to reconcile, he was jealous of me in some situation, ”said Timur Eremeeva’s guest. True, Zhukova clarified, that time she offered Roman companionship. During the show, it turned out that the singer did not have an intimate relationship with his ex-chosen one.

Roman Zhukov with his wife Olga

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