Oct 14, 2020
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The star of the “Crooked Mirror” Alexander Morozov lost 40 kilograms after having surgery on the stomach

14:47, 14.10.2020

The 47-year-old artist has become a guest of the new edition of the program "The Fate of a Man" with Boris Korchevnikov.

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47-year-old Alexander Morozov is familiar to Russian viewers from the humorous show "Crooked Mirror". It was this program that brought him success and fame. The comedian also starred in such popular programs as "Full House" and "Laughing Panorama".

Today on the air of the channel "Russia 1" a new issue of "The Fate of a Man" was released, which is a ball dedicated to the star of "Crooked Mirror". Moreover, Morozov was unrecognizable. The fact is that the audience got used to his fullness, which, by the way, had a bad effect on his well-being. This was the reason that Morozov decided to deal with excess weight, which until recently was 140 kilograms. For this, the artist decided to go under the surgeon's knife.

Alexander Morozov in the studio of the program "The Fate of a Man"

“I was just always fat. And it seems to me that I will never be completely thin. I confess I am a very lazy person. Losing weight in the gym and dieting is not at all for me, so I underwent gastric bypass surgery. This is a reversible operation, if you wish, you can return the original volume of the stomach, and I will become fat again. Most of the stars that were very large in the past have probably done this operation. They just lie that they lost weight through sports and dieting. I think that with their lies they only harm people who want to lose weight, ”Morozov shared with the show's host Boris Korchevnikov.

It should be noted that the humorist is not going to stop at the achieved result. In the future, he plans to get rid of another 20 extra pounds. It is noteworthy that the artist has long wanted to start fighting with weight. However, his colleagues in the shop always spoke out against this. Among them was Yevgeny Petrosyan, who tried to dissuade Morozov from the operation. The fact is that Yevgeny Vaganovich was afraid that, along with being overweight, Alexander would lose all his artistry. Indeed, a certain image of Morozov has long been established in the eyes of spectators and admirers of "Crooked Mirror".

Alexander Morozov before stomach surgery

I must say that the operation on the stomach was not in vain for him. As the humorist admitted, he continued to lead a wrong lifestyle, which led to a new problem - he developed a stomach ulcer. “Once I sat down at the table and woke up on the floor. It became very scary, I called my friends. They took me to the hospital, where they barely pumped me out. I drank, smoked, so I got myself sick. It is my own fault, ”complained Morozov.

Recall that in the middle of summer, Alexander Morozov was in the center of media attention. The comedian began to threaten collectors because of mortgage debts. As noted by Morozov, he was forced to suspend payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have stopped all touring. Theaters do not work, and my pay is piecework, I get for a performance. I wouldn't complain if I had some kind of economic airbag. And now I live on the pension of my mother, who is 82 years old. I am ashamed. I'm not going to steal, after all, "admitted the 46-year-old artist on the air of the" You Won't Believe It! "Program. As noted by Morozov, he was forced to suspend payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Release of the program "The Fate of Man" with Alexander Morozov

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