Oct 14, 2020
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The star of “The Bachelor” Natalya Gorozhanova named her daughter after her late teacher in the orphanage

09:52, 14.10.

The young mother told how the name of Evangeline surfaced in her subconscious.

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Two weeks ago, the star of the show "Bachelor" Natalya Gorozhanova first became a mother. She does not hide the face of her daughter and from her birth she began to talk about the baby. So, it is already known that the parents named the girl Evangeline... Today Natasha told why she named the child that way. It turned out that in the life of Gorozhanova there was an important person with a similar name - Angelina. It was her teacher in an orphanage.

Why Evangeline? The name came by itself, from somewhere in the subconscious, about a week before they learned the gender. I suggested and Stas supported, and since March we have called her Evangeline. Later I understood what this choice was connected with. I had a teacher at the d / d Angelina Stepanovna... Horror, how the children did not like her. They teased me with “grandma” “Stepa” and “Gelka”. She was a woman of Soviet upbringing: strict and demanding, but fair. She scolded me for my untidiness, hair-icicles and for running like a madwoman along the corridors, and girls are so “worthless”. She taught me how to wash, embroider initials on her clothes, so as not to confuse them with other children's things in the laundry, and fold it on line. She did everything with special scrupulousness and responsibility. I did not understand her, but I listened, because for me she was an authority. For the performance at the creative evening, she asked me the most huge poems that I had to recite by heart. And in general, in everything she asked from me more than from others, "Natasha noted in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. - Prim. row.).

The star of "The Bachelor" Natalya Gorozhanova admitted that she named her daughter in honor of her deceased teacher in the orphanage

At that time, Angelina Stepanovna was about 55 years old. For one New Year's, the woman took Natasha and another girl to her home. According to the star, those days are some of the happiest in life. Everything seemed to her "magical" in the apartment to which she was brought. Gorozhanova felt at home and understood that she was special, because she was celebrating the New Year outside the walls of the orphanage in which she grew up.

Over time, Angelina Stepanovna was transferred to work in a group of boys, because of which their communication ceased. Natasha stressed that last year she was informed about the death of the teacher. Then she realized what contribution Angelina Stepanovna made to her upbringing. Gorozhanova clarified that this woman was a close person to her. That is why a name similar to her name - Evangeline - surfaced in her subconscious. So she named her daughter.

Natasha Gorozhanova with her lover

Let's remind that Natasha's pregnancy proceeded with some complications. So, at the end of July, Gorozhanova was admitted to the hospital, as she fell ill with coronavirus. The model developed bilateral pneumonia. However, Natasha was helped by her optimistic attitude. Gorozhanova admitted that she neglected security measures, and therefore contracted the virus. At the same time, she was not very worried about the child's health and was sure that everything would be okay. After she recovered, she learned that girls who have had coronavirus can give birth exclusively in the infectious diseases department, and simple perinatal centers do not accept patients.

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