Feb 21, 2021
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The star of Sklifosovsky, Irina Osnovina, with tears in her eyes, spoke about the death of her husband in the show “Hello Andrey!”

11:20, 02/21/2021

The actress noted that the support of her colleagues on the series helped her cope with grief.

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Last Saturday in the studio the show “Hello Andrey!” the actors from the series “Sklifosovsky” gathered. In addition to the performers of the main roles of Maxim Averin, Maria Kulikova and others, actors appeared in the studio of Andrei Malakhov who played minor characters in the sensational series. So, Irina Osnovina spoke about the death of her husband Sergey Kudryavtsev

The conversation about Osnovina’s wife meant the host of the program, who, as it turned out, knew nothing about Sergei’s death. He passed away in 2017, he died of cancer. Remembering Kudryavtsev, the star of “Sklifosovsky” could not hold back tears. “When he was gone, absolutely all the guys from Sklifosovsky tried to support me,” Osnovina shared.

Irina Osnovina

It is worth noting that when talking about her late husband, the actress also remembered Denis Karasev, actor of the Sklifosovsky TV series, who passed away a month ago. Irina Osnovina noted that the death of the artist was a blow for all the actors of Sklifosovsky. Everyone learned the sad news just during the filming of the project. “Seryoga was from the same city as Denis Karasev, who starred this season. Literally during the filming, news comes that Karasev has died. And the last shot of Denis standing and waving through the glass, ”- said the actress.

Let’s remind that Denis Karasev passed away on January 13 of this year at the 58th year of his life. He died in his Moscow apartment. It is known that on that day the actor suddenly felt unwell, after which he called an ambulance. However, the doctors who came to him could no longer help him. Sources said that the cause of Denis’s death could be acute heart failure.

Denis Karasev in “Truckers”

Denis Anatolyevich played his first role in cinema in 1989 – in the short film “Inoy”. In total, Karasev’s filmography included more than 60 projects. I must say that most often the actor played minor characters in the series. So, he can be seen in “Truckers”, in which Karasev embodied the image of Alik on the screen. Also, the artist was involved in such projects as “Bastards”, “Men’s work 2”, “Shamara”, “Admiral”, “In the first circle”. One of the last works of Denis was the series “Sklifosovsky”, in which he played Nikiforov.

Recall that the eighth season of Sklifosovsky was released on January 28th. This time, the heroes of the sensational story had to face new challenges. So, the hero Maxim Averin had a relapse of brain cancer. He is supported by Narochinskaya (Maria Kulikova), trying not to give up for the sake of her lover, who at some point begins to give up. The character of Elena Yakovleva is getting used to her new position after she was removed from the post of head of the Sklif department. By the way, Krivitsky became the new head of the department, who turned out to be completely unprepared for the responsibilities that had fallen on him.

Photos from the filming of the ninth season of the series “Sklifosovsky” (gallery – scroll right)

We add that the shooting of the ninth season of Sklifosovsky is already in full swing. A week ago, the first details of the storyline appeared. So, big changes await the main characters. Oleg Bragin (Maxim Averin) is waiting for an unexpected place of work. And in his relations with Narochinskaya, serious changes will take place, which have been brewing for a long time.

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