Dec 31, 2020
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The star of “Quartet I” 49-year-old Leonid Barats first showed the face of his two-month-old son

18:13, 12/30/2020

Last fall, the actor became a father for the third time.

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In early August, 49-year-old actor Leonid Barats announced that he would soon become a father for the third time. He said that together with his wife Anna Moiseeva expected to be replenished in October. On October 10, Mark Barats was born. The good news in social networks was announced by Leonid himself, having published a photo of his wife from the hospital. For two months, the actor hid the heir and only in early December shared the first picture with his son in his microblog on Instagram. In the picture, Barats appeared with the baby, but the actor did not show his face then. And only today, on New Year’s Eve, Leonid first introduced Mark in all his glory.

In his microblog on Instagram, Leonid Barats published a video showing his two-month-old son Mark. In January of the coming year, the star heir will be three months old. The actor accompanied the recording with touching words (the author’s ophrography and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes – Prim. line.): “2020 I have something to say thank you for. @ _annamoiseeva_thank you! Mark Leonidovich, hello and thank you for joining us! ” Earlier, Barats noted that the birth of the boy was accompanied by some difficulties, but thanks to the professionalism of the doctors, everything worked out. It is worth noting that Mark was born a real hero with a weight of over four kilograms.

The star of “Quartet I” 49-year-old Leonid Barats first showed the face of his two-month-old son

«10/10 2020 Mark Barats appeared (4040 gr 55 cm) It was not easy to appear. It’s clear that Mom and Mark were the main characters. Anya was doing well! And Mark tried and did it. But there were people who did everything to make this process as easy as possible and calm, ”shared Leonid Barats.

Recall that Leonid Barats has two adult daughters from a previous marriage with an actress Anna Kasatkina… The couple have been together for over twenty years. The romance of Leonid and Anna began during their studies at GITIS. The pair of Leonid Barats and Anna Kasatkina was considered one of the strongest in Russian show business. Anna even worked with Leonid. She appeared in the film and theatrical production “Radio Day” and in the comedy “What Men Talk About”. However, in 2015, the couple announced a divorce. The reason for the separation of Kasatkina and Barats was the actor’s hobby for Anna Moiseeva.

Anna Kasatkina

It is known that Anna Moiseeva is a participant in the international beauty contest Mrs Globe 2016. The girl is raising a son from her first marriage, and is fond of psychology and a healthy lifestyle. At the end of last year, there were rumors about the divorce of Anna and Leonid. According to sources, the initiator of the breakup was a member of the Quartet I, who was not satisfied with the guest marriage – Moiseeva refused to move to her chosen one in Moscow and stayed to live in Kiev. However, the actress Nino Ninidze soon denied the speculation. It turned out that the actress and her lover Maxim Vitorgan were vacationing in Istanbul with Barats and his young wife. In the photos that Ninidze posted on her microblog on Instagram, Leonid and Anna held hands and looked happy.

Anna Moiseeva and Leonid Barak

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