Apr 3, 2021
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The star of “House-2” Yulia Efremenkova celebrated her birthday in a dress with extreme cleavage

15:27, 04/03/2021

The ex-TV presenter is 34 years old.

Yesterday, April 2, I celebrated my birthday Yulia Efremenkova… Reality TV stars “House 2” turned 34 years old. A party on the occasion of a special date was held in one of the capital’s restaurants. The celebration was attended by both friends and family of the ex-host of the TV show, as well as some of Yulia’s colleagues on the sensational project. The birthday girl’s outfit attracted special attention. For the holiday in honor of her birthday, Efremenkova chose a floor-length dress with a narrow cut. The highlight of the outfit is the deep neckline and deep slit on the thigh.

By the way, Julia admitted that she does not feel at all her age. “Today I’m 34. How 34 ??? Well, if only according to the passport. In my heart I feel at most 25, which is probably why I often commit rash and crazy actions. But! That’s why I love my life: sometimes it’s like on a roller coaster, but it takes your breath away and becomes more interesting every day, “the star wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Julia Efremenkova on her birthday

By the way, beloved Efremenkova Mondesir Light-Cupid picked up an outfit to match the birthday girl’s dress – at a party, the ex-participant of the TV show appeared in a white jacket. By the way, at the end of last year, the couple experienced a severe crisis in their relationship. On December 10, Mondezir announced his break with Julia. Light-Cupid did not begin to talk about the reasons for parting. Beloved Efremenkova only noted that sooner or later in the relationship it is necessary to put an end to it. Julia herself to questions about the break with the chosen one answeredthat it was Mondezir who made the decision to leave. “This is his area of ​​responsibility, not mine!” – emphasized the ex-presenter of romantic reality.

However, soon Julia and Mondezir were able to find a common language again and make peace. It is worth noting that this is not the first time the couple had a major quarrel. Last June lovers have already parted with a loud scandal… Then Efremenkova published a video in which she stated that she was no longer going to forgive the rude behavior of Svet-Cupid towards herself. According to the former TV host, Mondezir took her mobile and locked her in the apartment the day before.

Yulia Efremenkova with Mondezir Svet-Amur at her birthday

However, just a month after the quarrel, Julia still forgave her chosen one… The star admitted that she loves Light-Cupid, even despite his rude behavior and her own resentment towards some of his actions. According to the former TV host, the decisive moment for her was when Mondezir again brought her to their common apartment, from where Efremenkova was leaving during the conflict. Julia admitted that she was flooded with vivid emotions and memories associated with this place.

Recall that the relationship between Efremenkova and Svet-Amur began in 2019 during the participation of both in the reality show “Dom-2”. From the very beginning of his journey on the project, Mondezir actively courted the presenter, but for some time Julia did not respond to the initiative of her future lover. As a result, the star still gave the player a chance. The couple’s romance developed rapidly, and already at the end of the same year, Svet-Amur made Efremenkova a marriage proposal.

Yulia Efremenkova with Mondezir Svet-Amur

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