Jan 29, 2021
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The star of “House-2” Yulia Efremenkova admitted that as a child she was forced to sing on the street for money

03:20, 01/29/2021

The ex-TV presenter spoke about the financial difficulties faced by her family.

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After leaving the post of the leading popular TV set “House 2” career Yulia Efremenkova does not stand still. At the beginning of last year, the 33-year-old star left romantic reality, but did not disappear from the public eye. At the moment, Efremenkova is actively developing her microblogging on Instagram and, apparently, does not need material assistance. However, today Julia admitted that she is familiar with financial difficulties by hearsay.

According to Efremenkova, the mother always tried to provide the heiress with everything necessary. The star’s parent worked several jobs at the same time to give her daughter the opportunity to eat well and dress well. Julia said that she had never lived in poverty, but once her family was unlucky. At the bus stop, Efremenkova’s mother forgot her bag, which contained not only all her money, but also other people’s money – the day before, the woman borrowed. Yulia and her relative returned to the ill-fated stop, but the bag was not there. After the return of the debt, the leading family was left without a livelihood.

Julia Efremenkova with her mother

The situation was so critical that little Julia had to help her mother. Efremenkova admitted that she collected money from passers-by on the street. In her microblog on Instagram, the star told how she stood in the market and sang to earn money. By the way, Yulia had already talked about her experience of performing on the streets earlier. Efremenkova demonstrated her talent in transitions, as well as in the center of the capital. It is noteworthy that financial difficulties in the family did not always push Julia to sing in public places.

It should be noted that Yulia Efremenkova is a professional singer. The ex-presenter of the television set began to study vocals at the age of five, and at eight she was already showing her talent on stage. Julia also graduated from a music school. It is noteworthy that Efremenkova’s career began precisely in the musical field. The star began her journey to the “Diamant” trio. Later, the artist tried to get into Viagra through the show I Want to Viagra, where she reached the third round.

Julia Efremenkova and Mondezir Svet-Amur

Last month, Yulia told how as a child performed on the same stage with the great opera diva Montserrat Caballe. Efremenkova participated with the star in the festival when she was 12 years old. Unfortunately, the ex-presenter of “House-2”, due to her age, could not at that time realize the importance of performing with the legendary Spanish singer. Yulia admitted that at that time she was much more interested in Red Square and the capital hotel where her family was staying.

By the way, Efremenkova loves to travel to foreign countries and cities to this day. However, despite her love of vacation abroad last October, the star almost canceled my trip to Turkey because of the autumn blues. Julia was waiting for the opportunity to relax with her lover Mondesir Light-Cupid in a warm country, however, on the eve of the trip, the presenter began to feel very depressed. The only thing that stopped Efremenkov from returning the tickets was that if returned, he and his partner would lose money.

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