Sep 12, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Tata Blumenkrants told how Maxim Kolesnikov tried to seduce her

16:55, 09/11/2020

The ex-participant of reality did not consider the compliments of the ex-boyfriend Alena Rapunzel seriously.

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Participants of the reality show "Dom-2" Maxim Kolesnikov and Alena Rapunzel broke up just a month ago, on August 5. Kolesenikov assured that the breakup with Alena was too hard. In the show "Borodin against Buzova" Kolesnikov said that after a quarrel with his beloved he went into a four-week binge and even shed a tear. Nevertheless, the participant in the scandalous TV show quickly came to his senses. Booze and tears Maxim changed for sympathy for other girls.

For whom only Kolesnikov did not look after in the meadow. First, Maxim tried to seduce Katya Slope, then Yana Shafeeva, flirted with Masha Bondar. As it turned out, the reality TV participant had time to shower with compliments another star of "House-2" Tatu Blumenkrantz. Recall that two years ago, Tata divorced her husband Valera. Two months later, the girl started an affair with a man from Monaco, whom she met on the set.

Tata showed with all her appearance that everything was serious with her and Vincent. The girl even stated that she was going to finally transport the one-year-old daughter from Valera Blumenkrantz Beatrice to Monaco to her new lover. However, this relationship lasted a little over a month. At the end of January, Tata unexpectedly deleted all joint photos with Vincent, and then completely announced that she had a new boyfriend. However, he soon left Tata for his ex-wife.

Papa Blumenkrantz

Now it seems that Tata has a new boyfriend - a member of "House-2" Maxim Kolesenikov. The participant told Maxim's ex-girlfriend Alena Rapunzel about this. Alena published a video with a fascinating story in her Stories. “I sit like this, Max comes up to me and says:“ God, you have such a sexy, adult and stern look. ” I begin to laugh wildly. He continues: "Do you like young and promising guys?" - said Tata. However, Blumenkrantz assured Maxim that she liked the old and promising.

Tata said bluntly that Maxim would definitely not be able to "glue" her. Alena, it seems, this situation did not really hurt: the girl only laughed loudly at the camera. Also, the ex-participant turned to the ex and warned that it was time for him to slow down.

The star of "House-2" Tata Blumenkrants told how Maxim Kolesnikov tried to seduce her

Earlier, Rapunzel accused Kolesnikov of using her, and cheating behind her back with other women. Maxim, in turn, denied the fact of betrayal and said that he could not get along with Alena's mother. Rapunzel Jr. noted that she and Kolesnikov broke up on a bad note, but the ex-participant of reality does not hold any grudge against her beloved. Now Alena Rapunzel is not ready to arrange her personal life. The participant rents an apartment in Moscow and is seriously pursuing her career on television and in show business. Alena plans to prove to viewers and fans that she is capable of more than just being considered a participant in the Dom-2 television project.

Rapunzel stressed that she is not going to return to the TV project. At the moment, she earns her living through events where she is a presenter, got a job on television and sells advertising on her microblog on Instagram. Alena clarified that she is trying to engage in her own development, because in the show she "degraded". Alena is going to "promote herself" because she likes television. At the moment, she is doing well, she plans to have more new projects. In addition, Alena became interested in music and recorded her first track, which will tell about how she felt after breaking up with Maxim Kolesnikov.

Alena Rapunzel

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