Sep 14, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Sasha Cherno said that she agreed to divorce her husband Joseph Oganesyan for 5 million rubles

06:52, 09/14/2020

However, the reality TV participant joked that she would certainly sign at the registry office with her husband again.

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From today on the reality show "Dom-2" will begin broadcasts with the participation of Alexandra Cherno and Iosif Oganesyan, who returned to the project a few months later. The reality TV participants were temporarily living in a rented apartment in Moscow awaiting the birth of their first child. Sasha admitted that pregnancy was not easy for her, the boy was born at 41 weeks of pregnancy through a caesarean section. Sasha and Joseph announced the birth of their long-awaited son on July 30. The boy was named Stephen.

Sasha Cherno and Iosif Oganesyan at discharge

However, later it turned out that the everyday life of young parents at the very beginning was overshadowed by an unpleasant event. Last Friday, in her microblog on Instagram, Cherno admitted that on the fourth day of his life, newborn Stefan was in intensive care. “This is all because of my insulin resistance. Adaptation has failed. First he was taken to the pathology department, then when the convulsions began to the intensive care unit ... and he stayed there for 4 days. With little things on my head, droppers, while at that moment I threw myself at the doctors' feet, I was convulsing and slowly dying. Then I prayed to all the gods, if only my child was alive. Fortunately, the doctors caught on in time, "Sasha wrote then (the author's spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. Prim. line.).

Joseph Hovhannisyan and newborn Stephan

Now the exciting events of those days are behind us. Alexandra, as before, hides nothing from the audience of her microblog on Instagram, periodically communicating with her subscribers in the Stories section in a question-and-answer format. The night before, the reality star answered an interesting question, would she agree to divorce her husband, with whom she has many experiences and joys, for 5 million rubles. Sasha answered in the affirmative, specifying, however, that no one would prevent the spouses from going to the registry office again. “Why not))) Then we will get married again!”, - answered the reality TV participant, accompanying her comment with laughing emoji.

Alexandra Cherno willingly answers her audience to any questions

In addition, Sasha told why she and her husband came to the project so early - just a month after the birth of their first child. The young mother noted that she and her husband are not rich people and do not earn millions of rubles, as everyone used to think. “Nobody is morally destroying me here. They asked to come, we came. If they get it a lot, let's leave. But as practice suggests, you behave with dignity and there is nothing to get to the bottom of. Money ... But there is no life outside the perimeter and people do not earn? We do not earn millions here, as many people think, ”Cherno emphasized.

The girl also said that they would take part in the next telestroke competition and were ready to compete for the main prize - a townhouse. But in their struggle for housing, she and her husband decided to avoid various dirty tricks, despite the fact that this year they will have to compete with strong competitors. “Of course we will, but no dirt. I think we are worthy. There was everything in our relationship, and finally we came to harmony and understanding. And we have a long-awaited baby! ”Explained Cherno.

Alexandra Cherno willingly answers her audience to any questions

It is worth noting that Sasha Cherno regularly encounters attacks from haters. For several years spent in the project, the star of "House-2" heard various reproaches in her address. Most often, the wife of Joseph Oganesyan is criticized for being overweight. However, after the birth of her son, Sasha decided to take care of herself. As the participant of the telestroke said, by next year she is going to lose weight up to 85 kilograms. For this, Sasha is ready to go in for sports, go for a massage and wear a corset. Moreover, Cherno wanted to transform for the sake of her son, so that he could be proud of his beautiful mother.

Sasha Cherno and Iosif Oganesyan in an exclusive interview with "Around TV"

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