May 17, 2021
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The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova reported that she was divorcing Yevgeny Kuzin

One of the happiest couples that formed on the TV set met an irrevocable decision to divorce. Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova had another quarrel.

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On her Instagram page, Sasha Artemova said that she intends to “put an end” in the story with Yevgeny Kuzin.

“I don’t have the strength to fight with something, to close the thorn, to be reconciled. I am a person of kind-hearted pressure, however, I don’t want to hamper my own “I” on my personal life, ”said Sasha.

She added that despite the fact that Zhenya looks cheerful, kind-hearted, “after all, no one knows the truth.” The star of “House-2” stressed that she tried very hard to normalize the relationship, but they were incessantly quarreling.

According to 26-year-old Artemova, 36-year-old Kuzin was not the only one setting her up, was late for meetings with the heiress, and even insulted her.

“I was exhausted fighting for a“ family card ”for my daughter. Now my negative is all alone and I want to fly away somewhere far away and for a long time, ”admitted Sasha.

Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin met on a TV set and had an affair in 2017. Together they are raising a little daughter. Viewers found them one of the happiest couples at Dom-2, but in the fall of 2020, they suddenly announced their farewell. Later, Sasha and Zhenya tried to establish relationships for the sake of their tiny daughter, but they could not.

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