Oct 13, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova complained that her one-year-old daughter could not sleep without her father’s presence

07:33, 13.10.2020

Earlier, Evgeny Kuzin moved out of the family.

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In early October, the star of "House-2" Yevgeny Kuzin announced that he was determined to divorce Sasha Artemova. The ex-participant of reality said that there was a misunderstanding between them for a long time, and the love for his wife had already passed. Sasha herself noted that she did not know anything about her husband's plans for a divorce. According to Alexandra, she does not even know where her husband is now and what he is doing. Say, they have already parted with Kuzin, becoming neighbors. Evgeny lives in the same house in Moscow as his family, but in the next doorway. Artyomova is satisfied that Eugene is nearby, because she can give him her daughter at any time.

The separation of parents, although not yet formalized officially, influenced Alexandriawho recently turned a year old. As Sasha said today, the baby cannot fall asleep without her dad and waits for him to come. “NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP Ooooooh and the day has turned out to be. In the morning the baby woke up in search of daddy ... She couldn't sleep, she was looking for daddy and that's it! She runs to the door, I pick her up, she starts crying. As a result, she barely put her to bed, so she woke up around 11:00, jumped on the bed and back to sleep until 12:15. Sleep all night was free and this is the second such night since our arrival from Turkey (we didn’t have such a thing there), ”Sasha complained in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are here and below without changes - Prim. row.).

Alexandria is still waiting for dad at home

According to Artemova, the daughter may feel that they have a discord in the family. “So I think, either because something incomprehensible happens in the family, or the weather changes so much, or it gets overexcited before going to bed and then the sleep is so bad ... Although I’m saying, we generally have no problems and questions in terms of sleep. growth spurt? Every day my daughter starts walking more and more, repeating words, movements, etc. after me. " - the ex-participant of the telestroke wondered about the problem.

As Sasha stated earlier, their marriage with Kuzin could shake the distance. She and Alexandria remained in Moscow, and Eugene left for a long time to work in St. Petersburg. Moreover, as the reality star complained, the husband did not give money for their maintenance, having only once bought an infant formula for his daughter.

Family uncertainty makes Sasha lose heart

Artyomova herself is going through this period of uncertainty in their marriage. The young mother even thought about seeking psychological help. “I lost my inspiration. My interests are gone. I have no interest whatsoever. I don’t know how to deal with this. It's just that I don't live now in an uncomfortable environment for myself and there are many things that don't suit me. Something I don't want either. I think to go to a psychologist and answer myself a lot of questions, ”shared Artyomova.

We will remind, Alexandra Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin got married in 2017. At that time, they had been dating for two years and lived together. In September 2019, their common daughter Alexandria was born. After the birth of her daughter, Artyomova complained that it was difficult for her to cope with the child, and she was not ready for motherhood. Over the past six months, 25-year-old Sasha and 35-year-old Evgeny have had a tense relationship. The wife of the ex-participant in the show complained that because of her husband, she abandoned interesting projects.

Alexandra Artemova has long felt like a single mother, although she has not yet been divorced

We add that Alexandria became the second child for Cousin. He has a nine year old son Mitya, born in a marriage with a former colleague - Margarita Agibalova. Ex-wife Eugene did not gloat over Sasha's position, noting that she sympathizes with Alexandria, which will be left without a father. As Margarita lamented, now Mitya is supported by his stepfather Pavel Marceau... My own father has not paid child support for two years, although the monthly amount is only about ten thousand rubles.

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