Dec 30, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova complained about the notarial problems that fell on her before the New Year

19:05, 12/29/2020

The ex-participant of the project noted that she was very tired.

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In early October this year, the ex-participant of “House-2” Evgeny Kuzin announced that he intends to divorce his wife Alexandra Artemova. Kuzin, 35, complained that a misunderstanding had accumulated between them and that it was impossible to restore relations. Eugene and Sasha left, but stayed in the same house. However, as Artyomova stated, she still does not know anything about the upcoming official divorce, but she is not interested in what is happening with her husband either. At the same time their daughter Alexandria, who turned a year in September, cannot sleep without her dad next to her.

Despite all the difficulties in her personal life, Artyomova tries not to lose heart. True, in mid-November, Sasha nevertheless admitted that she needed psychological support, which is why she turned to a psychiatrist. Today Artyomova complained that she had absolutely no time to do anything by the New Year because of the problems that had piled on her.

Sasha Artemova showed what her tree looks like

“I will still smile like that this year ??? It just became interesting to me … Today, absolutely everything that could have fallen onto my not so fragile shoulders fell out. Instead of cooking jellied meat, enjoying the wrapping of gifts, I still have to go over the notaries and make a deal. Nice deal, but so much hassle and negativity + the courier brought furniture for our apartment and it was so unexpected to see the gigantic dimensions. Well, that’s not the right time! I had a fight with the child’s father !!! Aaaaaa I still need to buy a lot of things in the store and I didn’t buy a gift for my mom !!! Shameless … Ewwwwwwww … breathed out. Go ahead. No, the child still needs to boil the soup and only then can we go. All night I cleaned the apartment and slept only 3 hours at most. Tomorrow, check out early at 09:00 in the morning, and I don’t know how to make it all and get behind the wheel. Pancake! I still need to be in time for the post office somehow “, – shared Sasha (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Earlier, 25-year-old Artyomova said that, despite the absence of a mark in her passport about divorce, she already feels like a lonely woman with a child. However, Sasha tries to perceive this as freedom: they say, she is her own mistress and she does not need to depend on anyone. By the way, earlier Sasha complained that because of Evgeny Kuzin, who did not encourage the development of his wife’s career, she abandoned interesting projects. At the same time, Artemova noted that now more than ever she lacks support, a strong shoulder and a kind word.

Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin with their daughter

At the end of October, Sasha complained that she was breaking down on her one-year-old daughter because of everyday difficulties. The ex-participant of reality admits that she is very ashamed because of this, but adds that sometimes she gives up, as it can be hard, for example, to get a stroller from the balcony or go to the toilet. The reality star is constantly next to her daughter, which makes it difficult for her to work.

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