Sep 15, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel complained about haters who criticize the appearance of her daughters

07:49, 09/15/2020

Ill-wishers hint that Vasilisa and Sofia may be unwell.

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33-year-old star of "House-2" Olga Rapunzel and her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko are raising daughters Vasilisa and Sofia... The participant of the show gave birth to the eldest daughter on April 1, 2018, broadcasting the process of the birth of a baby live. With the second daughter, they decided to leave this intimate moment behind closed doors, showing only preparation for childbirth. Sofia was born on June 10. When Rapunzel's youngest daughter was two months old, the family returned to Perimeter.

Until Sofia's christening, Olga did not show her daughter's face. However, now both girls often appear on the pages of their mom's microblogging Instagram. However, as Rapunzel complained, there were ill-wishers who began to hint that her daughters did not look like that. Some concluded that the babies were unhealthy.

Reality star haters write negative about her daughters

Today, the reality TV star complained about the haters, calling them "headless people." Olga stressed that her daughters do not experience health problems. “I am honest and open in front of you, I know that you are the majority of normal people, my dear subscribers and viewers, you must have seen and read that they just don’t write about my children, as soon as they don’t call my girls names, these non-people don’t have a hike at all heads. I endure so much hate from them towards my children. And my children are absolutely healthy and for me my children are the most beautiful and the best. I wish good health to all children, both mine and yours, ”she wrote in the Stories of her microblog on Instagram.

Rapunzel emphasized that her children are absolutely healthy

By the way, Rapunzel recently boasted of her daughters' skills. Three-month-old Sophia carefully examines everyone around and pronounces the first "agu". The baby even began to roll over on her stomach herself. Two-year-old Vasilisa speaks in whole sentences and draws a circle herself. To Olga's relief, the eldest daughter practically ceased to be jealous of the younger. After being discharged from the hospital with Sofia Vasilisa, she was unhappy with the appearance of the baby in the house - and was often capricious. Now she does not allow her to put her sister on her bed, but at the same time is interested in Sofia and tries to take her hand.

As Rapunzel complained earlier, she has a difficult time on TV with two young children. Her filming schedule is so busy that she does not have time to photograph the girls. Olga is upset that at work she can miss the moments of growing up Vasilisa and Sofia. Therefore, the reality star thought about starting a microblogging for her daughters on Instagram - and thereby stimulating herself to arrange photo sessions for them more often. At the same time, as Rapunzel noted, she does not regret returning with her family to the project: after all, her army of fans is eager to see her favorite on the screens, so Olga could not disappoint them.

Olga Rapunzel, Dmitry Dmitrenko and Vasilisa celebrate the 3 months of Sofia

We will remind, last weekend Olga Rapunzel admitted that she does not want to be limited to two children and plans to give birth to a third. The TV show participant noted that she wants to become the mother of the long-awaited son for a "complete set". The participant in the show believes that Vasilisa and Sofia need a brother who will subsequently protect them.

In an exclusive video interview "Around TV", the Dmitrenko couple spoke about their personal life and choice

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