Dec 30, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Irina Penguinova declassified the name of her daughter

15:17, 29.12.

The TV show participant gave birth on November 29.

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23-year-old star of “House-2” Irina Pingvinova gave birth to a daughter on the night of November 29. The newborn became the first child of a reality TV participant. The child’s father is her former boyfriend and TV colleague Dmitry Chaikov. As Irina reported, the baby was born healthy and on time, weighing 3.9 kilograms and 54 centimeters tall. Within a month after the birth of their daughter, the newly-born parents were in no hurry to declassify the name of the first-born.

Today it became known how Penguinova named her daughter. “The little daughter of Ira Penguinova and Dima Chaikov is 1 month old! The parents did not keep the name of the baby in secret for a long time. MILANA… Milana Dmitrievna! ” – reported the news in the official microblog of the show “Dom-2” on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged – Prim. line.). By the way, this name was considered by Dmitry and Irina as one of the options back in May, along with Mira and other names for boys.

Penguinova declassified the name of her daughter, but she is in no hurry to show her face

Recall that Penguinova and Chaikov broke up ten days before Milana was born. Pregnant Irina returned to her parents’ house, where she began to prepare her room for the arrival of the baby and make repairs there. As the participant of the show noted, according to the documents, she will be held as a single mother. The TV star stressed that there will be a dash in the “paternity” column in the daughter’s birth certificate. However, the young mother did not plan to demand alimony from Chaikov either.

Irina Penguinova broke up with Dmitry Chaikov shortly before giving birth

According to Irina, she dreamed of a partner birth and watched preparatory videos. But her plans were not destined to come true due to the final break with Tchaikov. Penguinova could not take any of her relatives to the maternity hospital: during the contractions and attempts, she was held by the hand of a girl-photographer, whom she did not know, who was taking pictures of newborn babies in a medical facility.

The birth of Milana was difficult and protracted: doctors refused 23-year-old Irina in epidural anesthesia. An anesthetic injection was given to her only after a day of contractions, when she was already weak. At about four o’clock in the morning, Penguinova had a long-awaited daughter. As the star of the show noted, the baby looks like her father. A young mother enjoys caring for her newborn despite sleepless nights. By the way, Dmitry Chaikov was on duty under the windows of the ward in anticipation of the appearance of the child. He was also present at Irina’s discharge from the hospital.

Chaikov was present at Irina’s discharge from the hospital

However, as Irina Penguinova complained, after the birth of her daughter, her relationship with Tchaikov only worsened. Dmitry does not forget Milan and comes to her. However, these meetings are a great stress for her mom. Irina complained that Chaikov had become cruel towards her. As the participant of the TV show has repeatedly emphasized, she will not restore relations with the father of her daughter.

By the way, the outgoing year was marked for Penguinova with another significant event. Irina received the title of “Person of the Year” in the reality show “Dom-2”. The viewers gave the most votes for the young single mother. Together with the title of the star of the Perimeter, she also won the main prize – a million rubles. Another winner of the competition was Alexei Kupin, who was voted for by his TV colleagues.

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