Oct 14, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov spoke sharply about single mothers

16:57, 13.10.

The participant in the reality called women raising children on their own, "abandoned" and "offended".

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The scandal between the stars of "House-2" Ilya Yabbarov and Alena Rapunzel does not subside for more than three weeks. The reason for the conflict was the couple's common son Bohdan... Alena accused Ilya of needing a child only for PR. Yabbarov, in response, said that Rapunzel was not interested in the boy, entrusted him to strangers, and she was spending time with new passions. The conflict resulted in a scuffle on the set of the show "Borodin against Buzova" and a scandal at the wedding of Yabbarov and his beloved Nastya Gold... Mutual reproaches are still pouring in from both sides.

Today, Ilya in his microblog on Instagram published an appeal to all mothers who raise their children alone. The reality TV participant advised them to be kinder. “Dear single mothers, bros! insults! How much anger you have for this life ... Why do you live in this life then, is there something interesting ??? what would make you happy ... except (children, borscht, and so on) how can you not look ... your men are all very bad, but maybe it's time to look at yourself in the mirror ??? and ask a question! Why are men only with you once? Maybe something needs to be changed in yourself ??? And not pour bile on strangers !!! " - said Ilya (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. row.)

Ilya Yabbarov and his son from Alena Rapunzel

Yabbarov added that women who are trying to offend him look very funny and stupid. “Remember one thing, if you are not being discussed in any context, then you are not up to my level, and you will hardly do it! If you sit and discuss strangers, do at least something ... so that you have an interest, go in and write something))) I think that you can move away from the status of flawed if you start to think correctly, and not live someone else's life ... "- added Yabbarov. The star of the project advised single mothers to work day and night, as he does, and then everything will work out, and also wished them luck. "And be kinder, otherwise you will soon choke on bile" - Ilya wrote.

We add that Alena recently invited the ex-lover to meet in court, threatening him with a criminal article. Ilya hastened to answer the accusations and agreed to Rapunzel's demands, but with one condition - first, they will be tested for prohibited substances together. On the set of the show "Borodin against Buzova" Ilya said that he and his family were tired of the protracted conflict. He threatened Alena that he would turn to the guardianship authorities and sue her son. According to him, Rapunzel's lifestyle will give him every chance to emerge victorious in this fight. Now Ilya is going to raise Bogdan together with Gold.

Anastasia Gold and Ilya Yabbarov

By the way, recently Yabbarov repented that he was never a good father. Ilya admitted that he made mistakes, but wants to improve. He said that communication with the child is complicated by the fact that the parents live in different cities. However, he expressed confidence that he and Alena would be able to come to an agreement so that the rights and needs of Bogdan would not be infringed upon. The participant of the telestroke complained about those who immediately, without understanding, brand men as "unfathers". At the same time, Ilya claims that Alena is more supported, since she presents herself as a victim.

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