Sep 12, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alexandra Cherno told why her son was in intensive care on the fourth day of his life

21:18, 11.09.2020

The boy had a hypoglycemic attack.

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Alexandra Cherno and Iosif Hovhannisyan returned to the Dom-2 project this week. On the TV set the spouses were absent for several months. The reality TV participants temporarily lived in a rented Moscow apartment awaiting the birth of their first child. Sasha's pregnancy was not easy and the boy was born at 41 weeks of gestation. About the birth of the long-awaited son StephenSasha and Joseph reported on July 30th.

Star parents published in their microblogs in Instagram touching photos and videos from the discharge of the baby from the hospital. Also Cherno and Oganesyantold that on September 8 they baptized their first child. The boy's godmother is the creative producer of the show "Borodina vs. Buzova" Tatiana Svetlova... But the name of the godfather Sasha decided not to name, referring to the fact that this person has nothing to do with publicity. Cherno and Hovhannisyan refused to publish footage of the baptism itself. But on this day, the parents decided to show the face of their son for the first time.

Sasha Cherno with his son on the day of his baptism

Today Alexandra said that she hid from subscribers of her microblog in Instagram health problems of the son. According to her, a few days after the birth, the boy was taken to intensive care. Blackly posted a video of the child in intensive care and asked the subscribers to seriously prepare for pregnancy.

"In this video, my child is 4 days old and he is in intensive care. Everyone had suspicions why they were discharging us so late ... Remember how I yelled the most, what kind of garbage is this when the doctors say something there and so on ??? So she paid for it herself. He was born 9 out of 9, a healthy, good child. We were being prepared for discharge and one of the nights he had an attack of hypoglycemia ... This is all because of my insulin resistance. Adaptation has failed. First he was taken to the pathology department, then when the convulsions began to the intensive care unit ... and he stayed there for 4 days. With little things on my head, droppers, while at that moment I threw myself at the doctors' feet, I was convulsing and slowly dying. Then I prayed to all the gods, if only my child was alive. Fortunately, the doctors caught on in time ", - wrote Sasha (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Alexandra Black told why her son was in intensive care on the fourth day of his life

Recall that Cherno meticulously chose the maternity hospital in which the baby was supposed to appear. So, in the last month of pregnancy, she terminated the contract with the medical institution in which she was examined for the entire period. Cherno said that she was not satisfied with the conditions of the clinic, which changed dramatically not for the better. Soon, Alexandra managed to find a maternity hospital that suited her on all counts. But after the birth of the child, Cherno had a conflict with the hospital.

The couple did not want to immediately declassify the name of their first child, but information about the name of the baby quickly leaked to the Network. Later it turned out that the personal data was declassified by the employee of the medical institution in which Cherno gave birth. The management asked her to write a letter of resignation. But, according to the co-worker, she did not break the law, because at that time, the young parents did not yet have a birth certificate in which the name would be officially spelled out. However, Cherno stated that she received all the documents the day after the birth of her son.

Sasha Cherno, Joseph Oagnesyan and their son

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