Jul 31, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alexander Black told, how was it caesarean

12:45, 31.07.2020

Participant reality was obscenely called the doctors and refused to give birth.

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Yesterday, the 27-year-old star of "House-2" Alexander Black first became a mother, giving birth to a son. Before the surgery, Sasha several times got to the hospital with contractions training. On the night of July 30, participants of the reality water broke, and labors not come. So Black had to do a caesarean section.

Today Alexander told how it happened that it became necessary abdominal surgery. The star also wrote extensively during the birth itself. As noted by Sasha, the period of pregnancy she was more than 41 weeks, and your body for delivery was not yet ready. Tried to persuade her to go to the Department of pathology of pregnant women, however, the participant telestroke written waiver from the hospital and went home.

In three days time for the birth of the baby approached. "At 4 in the morning departed was real water, And at 5.30 the contractions came. Here began for me at all "fun time" well, you know... Waited till 8, then to 9, then to 10... the Neck has not moved not at 1 mm. Was decided to Cesareti!" — the beginning of the story of the latter-day mother in his microblog in Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author here and below the no change — Approx. red.).

Sasha Black during cesarean section

At 10 a.m. in the hospital was put on her compression stockings and rushed into surgery. "It was their huge mistake. I started to cry. Calmed my husband and doula," continued Black. In operating it was warmly greeted, but this did not calm the woman. "And I revised 2 weeks before delivery the series "Closed school" you know. And remember vseeeee stories that you wrote to me. The beginning of all the hysteria, not to let anyone in on ourselves" — with shame remembered Alexander.

She started swearing to call doctors and to refuse to give birth at all. "The anesthesiologist got such a good (straight to the head man) and he I-"hands (the swearing — Approx. red.) on (the swearing — Approx. red.) me removed) cut me out completely. Then gave-"I'm not going to give birth!" in short, hysterical. (I am so ashamed of this, before the anesthesiologist apologized 100 times. He was in intensive care then to check in with me)", — has told, already reassured after childbirth, Black.

Joseph Hovhannisyan showed a photo of newborn son

The husband of Sasha — Joseph Oganessian, managed to calm his wife. "He hugged and said important words, very much supported and said that I hit the kid so their behavior. I quickly took itself in hands. Put this (the swearing — Approx. red.) in the back. (Epidural) While her husband hugged and I started to lose consciousness... And at the same time vomiting. Then knocked me out. And I woke up from the cries: "my son! My sweet!" and indignation, why he's just like me, and my husband only lips and ears. Showed me, gave a kiss and I failed again..." said Black.

After 8 hours of being in intensive care, Sasha was moved to a regular. Complained as Black, rehabilitation is difficult. However, the doctors assured her that after a couple of days will become easier. "I'm still the luckiest, maybe, in my life, now the two men loved. My husband and my son @_iosif91", — concluded the young mother. As shown by Sasha Black yesterday, son was born healthy with mean newborn parameters — growth of 55 centimetres and weighing 3460 grams.

The star of "House-2" Alexander Black told by someone more like them to Joseph Hovhannisyan newborn son

Has the first photo of newborn son of the stars "House-2" Sasha Black and Joseph said

27-year-old star of "House-2" Alexander Black first became a mother

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