Jul 16, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alexander Black has complained that the younger sister with hate poisons her in social networks

07:18, 16.07.2020

Member of telestone believes that her cousin is jealous.

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Member of the scandalous TV project "Dom-2" Alexander Black and her husband Joseph Hovhannisyan literally, from day to day, waiting for the arrival of their first child. However, he is always surprised by the unexpected solutions. For example, last Tuesday, she reported that just before the provisional date of birth terminated the contract with their hospital. Celebrity complained that she did not like the final terms of reference for the birth and stay in hospital. That is originally talked about one, now in the hospital said about other conditions.

Alexander Black and Joseph Hovhannisyan

However, today the reality TV star has announced that she and her husband finally found a maternity home that meets their high requirements. "Happy as an elephant! With the hospital today, everything is signed, he is just gorgeous. While I will not say exactly where, after birth, will tell you everything. But many of you advised. And no mistake," shared joy in the Stories section of his microblog in Instagram Sasha Black (spelling and punctuation of the author here and further are given without changes. — Approx. ed.).

Sasha Black has signed a contract with the new hospital

However, not all is so rosy in the life of Alexandra. There's something that on the eve marred her good mood. Namely, the behavior of the younger sisters, 17-year-old Tatianathat, according to Sasha, leaves much to be desired. Celebrity has complained that happened out of the ordinary event — a family joined with a group of haters murdering Black social networks, and stipulates elder sister.

"Yes, you know perfectly well what was going on. I had every right to forbid something to your young sister, do not let anywhere. And in principle, you should immediately be able to hear the word "No!" when your elders speak. 18, talk. And while you're on my support, Yes-you must listen to me. And to flog really good! To beat the crap out of his Head! Yes, I wrote a post to shame her. What I see in response? Communication with my antiquities, writes that supposedly all my life some terrible, (the swearing. — Approx. red.) me," he said in the latest publication of Alexander.

Sasha Black-and complained about the behavior of the sisters

Member of telestroke said that talked with psychologists about this situation and they are convinced that a relative is jealous of Alexandra. "Yes, and a pile of dirt any written... such Is the gratitude?! This is a normal attitude to older?! God, I'm so ashamed... All psychologists in one voice say that it was jealousy... But I don't want to believe it... and some envy, when she could be 10 times better... Why she chose the path to dishonor his sister, instead of trying to block any insult to me. So much for gratitude... Here's cousins..." — not able to control her emotions a pregnant Sasha.

Joseph Hovhannisyan and Sasha is Black with Tatiana

In addition, the Black sure that everything now has her younger sister, including subscribers in social networks — all this is Sasha's merit. But to forgive such a betrayal benefactor can not. "I can't forgive a knife in the back, she better me stupid call... But when she had me (the swearing. — Approx. ed.) discusses and basically communicates with my anti-group and allows people to insult me is no values in humans. No matter you 40 or 10 things you need to understand from childhood", — concluded the distraught reality TV star.

Joseph Hovhannisyan and Alex Black in an exclusive interview with "Around the TV"

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