Dec 29, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel said that breast implants could cause her health problems

10:44, 12/29/2020

However, a medical examination did not confirm the connection between edema and plastic surgery, made by the ex-reality participant a year ago.

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A week ago, the ex-participant of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel was hospitalized. The reality star was urgently hospitalized with severe allergic edema. Rapunzel Jr. had to spend several days in a medical facility under IVs and injections. Doctors ruled out Quincke’s edema, but did not establish the cause of the telediva’s health problems. At first, the doctors suspected that the allergy began because of hair dye, then because of the breast implants installed a year ago for Alena.

As Rapunzel said yesterday, she had to undergo a thorough examination of implants with ultrasound. In the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram, the star of the scandalous show showed a whole bunch of tests that did not help determine the cause of her illness. But, in a sense, the results were encouraging – plastic surgery did not have any effect on the current state of the ex-participant in the TV show.

Surveys have not confirmed the negative impact of breast implants on Alena’s health

By the way, Alena Rapunzel thought about breast augmentation to the third size and rhinoplasty 10 months after the birth of her son Bogdan… She wanted to please her new lover Roman Makeev. In October last year, the TV star chose a reputable Moscow clinic of plastic surgery. However, doctors denied her mammoplasty, revealing health problems. According to Alena, she was diagnosed with a cyst in her chest, and she had to undergo medical treatment. Rapunzel complained that the results of the examination and the refusal to operate at first outraged her, but then she still decided to follow the advice of the doctors. In mid-November, Rapunzel already underwent surgery, the results of which she showed literally immediately. She admitted that, despite the postoperative edema, she is happy that her dream of a new appearance has come true.

Alena Rapunzel before plastic surgery with Ilya Yabbarov

It is worth noting that Alena’s sudden illness at the end of the year became a kind of reboot and rethinking for her. “AFTER THIS I WANT TO START EVERYTHING WITH A CLEAN SHEET !!! … I relaxed too much, I gave free rein to a silly naive girl who still does not draw conclusions. I’m tired of waiting … falling in love with illusions, believing in the pink world and living drama. What is happening to me now is hell. Before New Year. When dreams should come true. I promise that when I get better and everything goes away – I will change my direction vector, I will leave only those people in my life – who did not care when I was so bad. I will also live for the sake of my son, every day I will embody what I dream about and create a future for my family, “she wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes – Prim. line.).

A sudden illness had a strong impact on the life of Alena Rapunzel

Recall that the outgoing 2020 was very eventful for Alena. On July 29, she left Dom-2, realizing that she had no future there. It was not possible to do without a conflict with the creators of the show. Outside the Perimeter, Alena broke up with her beloved Maxim Kolesnikov, began an affair with a musician and a stripper, recorded a song, went to work as a news TV presenter and decided to create her own brand of children’s clothing. In September, Rapunzel tried to get into the beginning of the family life of her former passion Ilya Yabbarov, making a scandal on the second day of his wedding. After Rapunzel’s “performance”, Ilya’s new wife Nastya Gold decided to leave. However, their families managed to make up in November, shortly before the Yabbarov family left “House-2”. On December 17, the day before the announcement of the relocation of the TV set from the TNT channel, Alena’s sister, Olga Rapunzel, left reality with her family. As noted by Rapunzel Jr., they will not be in the New Year’s edition of “House-2”, since the couple Dmitrenko and she herself are included in the “black list” by the producers.

Alena Raputsnel with her son Bogdan

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