Sep 16, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel complained that she lives without support and understanding

11:20, 09/16/2020

The ex-participant of the television project arranges her life completely independently.

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Alena Rapunzel took up a career after leaving "House-2". The ex-participant of the project got a job as a presenter on one of the TV channels, and Alena is also developing her business - a young mother sells children's clothes. She implements Rapunzel and creative plans - she recorded a song, which she dedicated to her former lover Maxim Kolesnikov. Soon, the reality TV participant is going to shoot a video for the composition.

Today Alena Rapunzel complained that she could not cope with such a volume of duties without moral support. The ex-participant of the TV show shared that she has to provide for herself and take care of her son Bohdan completely alone. Alena does not have a beloved man, and her mother, according to the TV star, does not understand her at all. Rapunzel said that her strength is already running out.

Alena Rapunzel complained about the lack of support

“There is a lack of understanding and support. Everything is complicated, there is complete chaos in my head. After all, I am all myself, on my own. I don't have a husband to help or rich parents. I am alone, with the understanding that it is necessary to raise a family and create stability. Now is a difficult period, my mother does not hear me, and I am torn to pieces. In general, I will soon be back with renewed vigor ... I hope everything will be resolved at last and I will live my life, ”Rapunzel said (the author's spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. Prim. line.).

Alena was much more optimistic last week. Then the former participant in the reality show defended all single mothers. Rapunzel was outraged by the fact that society puts an end to a woman's life if she brings up a child without a husband. Alena urged all single mothers to fight depression and start living their own way, regardless of public opinion.

Alena Rapunzel with her son Bogdan and Maxim Kolesnikov

“We got tired of these comments of people dissatisfied with life, it's enough to appropriate this stereotype that a single mother is a collapse, that your life has reached its peak, and no further good things can be expected for happiness. Who says this? Have you seen them? People who have a flower in a pot on their avatar, but they themselves sit at home, in greasy T-shirts and silently hate this world, because they themselves chose it. My dear ladies, you are 96% of my audience, half are also single mothers, well, look into your reflection, instead of depression, let's create a better version of ourselves, ”said Alena Rapunzel in her microblog on Instagram.

Recall that Bogdan's father is the former lover and colleague of Alena Rapunzel in the scandalous TV set Ilya Yabbarov. The boy was born in February 2019, but Yabbarov left the pregnant girl long before the birth of his son. Alena's last high-profile novel was her relationship with Maxim Kolesnikov. Rapunzel and Kolesnikov constantly quarreled and fought, and on August 2 of this year they announced their departure from Dom-2. However, less than a week later, Alena and Maxim parted loudly. The young mother accused her lover of treason and hinted that Kolesnikov was a gigolo. The young man, in turn, said that Alena Rapunzel's mother did not allow him to live in peace and tormented him with scandals. Immediately after the breakup, Maxim Kolesnikov returned to the project and started a new relationship.

Alena Rapunzel and Maxim Kolesnikov

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