Sep 21, 2020
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The star of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel admitted that in recent days she deleted at least ten people from her life

08:51, 09/21/2020

A former participant in the project stated that she lives in a hypocritical world.

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Despite the fact that Alena Rapunzel left the television project "Dom-2" more than a month ago, she is still being discussed within the framework of the show, and some participants speak out about her. For example, on the weekend, she and her ex-lover Ilya Yabbarov had a conflict. Alena said that her son Bohdan Ilya needed only for the project story, and Ilya, in turn, began to tell that Alena cheated people for money.

Now Rapunzel is worried and shared her emotions from what happened in recent days. "AGONY. How damn hypocritical is this world. How sellable it is. Are you a gullible person? I am. I am very attached to people and I can forgive for mistakes if a person realizes them. But people use it. They can destroy everything for the sake of money ... or they can even create families for the sake of money. They can cheat on a loved one, they can beat their faithful wife, they can leave their children, they can take everything away and leave their parents penniless, ”Alena wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are unchanged. Prim. line.).

The star of "House-2" Alena Rapunzel admitted that in recent days she deleted at least ten people from her life

Rapunzel stressed that her life has been hard for the past three days. She even suggested that someone might have jinxed her. Alena emphasized that "Bogdan's father went crazy", the friends turned out to be hypocrites and could easily "put a knife in the back", the close circle completely set the girl up. Rapunzel assumes she trusted the wrong people. She believes that some are needed because of the hype and money.

In addition, Alena said that her whole family was sick. Now she realized that she shouldn't feel sorry for anyone, because she is unlikely to be treated the way she is to others. Rapunzel said that a period has come in her life when the people she trusted became a barrier to achieving goals. She decided to "jump" over it and move on. Alena stressed that in recent days she deleted about ten people from her life. They were both close friends and comrades.

Ilya, according to Alena, rarely sees his son

We will remind that as part of the show "Borodin against Buzova" Alena and Ilya had a scandal. After the show, Alena accused the father of her child that he was attracted exclusively by money, and that he was not so interested in his son. According to Rapunzel, Yabbarov needed the child only within the framework of the show, but not outside of it. Ilya, in turn, did not remain silent. He remembered how Alena deceived her audience and said that she did not care about people, if only they would transfer their funds to her. In addition, he reproached Alena for having five men in five months. Yabbarov clarified that much about Alena was not shown on the air, because it is too short.

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