Feb 17, 2021
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The star of “Gypsy” Alexei Nikulnikov remembered how, due to the death of his only son, he abandoned the profession of an actor and left for New Zealand

09:13, 17.02.2021

The 59-year-old artist shared his revelations on the show “The Fate of Man”.

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Alexey Nikulnikov know for the role of Ivan in the Soviet melodrama “Gypsy” and “Return of Budulai”… In the late 90s, the actor unexpectedly disappeared from the screens. As it turned out, the movie star had a tragedy – his only son died. After the death of a 10 year old Boris Alexey decided to say goodbye to his profession for a while and leave for New Zealand.

“My son was hit by a train. Traumatic brain injury, two weeks of coma, and then that’s it. He, like me, was a lover of surprises, to do something unusual. And he ran to the platform to surprise everyone – “Oops, and I’m already here!” He dreamed of being a racer, “Nikulnikov said in the show” The Fate of a Man “. With grief, the artist decided to accept the invitation of friends who lived in New Zealand to come to visit. When he arrived at the embassy, ​​they thought that the Russian movie star would probably not paint fences in a foreign land, so they gave him a visa. Nevertheless, Alexey had to paint, but not fences, but the roof. But this work helped him to cope with the inner emptiness that formed after the loss of a loved one.

Alexey Nikulnikov with Krzysztof Zanussi and Yuri Chernov

“This escape helped me through the pain. Will not will, you switch brains, you need to survive. In New Zealand I worked as a presenter of a Russian-speaking radio, but it was more of a pleasure. I painted during the day, and delivered food from an Indian restaurant in the evening. There was such a smell that I could hardly hold on! My working day starts at 9 am and ends at 10 pm. I worked for my ticket and earned on the return one, ”the hero of his program told Boris Korchevnikov. It is noteworthy that the actor did not immediately return to his homeland. He got a job on a fishing boat that caught squid in the Pacific Ocean. According to Nikulnikov, the abuse on the ship was such that he wanted silence, so Alexei had to take a vow of silence for three months.

After returning to Russia, Nikulnikov again began filming and playing on stage. It is known that the actor serves in the Theater “Near Stanislavsky’s House” and collaborates with the TV channel “SPAS”, doing an Orthodox program for children. Note that the artist did not want to become a father for the second time, although after a divorce from the mother of his deceased son, he managed to meet a new life partner. The chosen star of “Gypsy” was the vice-president of the Open Russian Film and Theater Festival “Amur Autumn” Elena Avakumova, with whom Nikulnikov lived for ten years.

Alexey Nikulnikov in the series “Tukhachevsky: The Marshal’s Conspiracy”

“They didn’t want to become parents – it’s too late. And then the disease took her. The doctors made the wrong diagnosis, and when they made the correct one, it was too late. It was six months of some kind of hell! I did not leave her for a second, and she only let me in. She was an inveterate optimist and said that it would be better, “the guest of” Man’s Fate “sadly remarked.

We add that a year before the death of his wife, Nikulnikov starred in the TV series “In the constellation of Sagittarius.” On the screen, the artist embodied the image of Leonid Brezhnev. It is noteworthy that during the auditions for “Gypsy”, according to his recollections, he had disagreements with the members of the film crew because of the director of the film, Yevgeny Matveyev. Nikulnikov did not like that the director at one time played Leonid Brezhnev, to whom the young actor then felt antipathy. Ironically, 35 years later, Alexey also played the Soviet secretary general.

Shot from the serial film “Gypsy”

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