Feb 18, 2021
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The star of “Former” Denis Shvedov said that he was extremely thin on the set of “The Last Hero”

07:07, 02/18/2021

The actor has already returned to Moscow.

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The third season of The Last Hero kicked off on February 6th. One of the members of the tribe of champions is 39-year-old Denis Shvedov. The star of the TV series “Major” and “The Forces” had never before taken part in the filming of the legendary reality, but he had to become a participant in the television project, replacing the unexpectedly retired Sergei Odintsov. The fact is that the hero of the very first season of the show could not fly to Africa due to a criminal record. It turned out that Sergey was deprived of his driving license for drunk driving. Odintsov did not manage to get the new license, and since the term of the punishment expires from the moment of issuing new documents, the driver could not fly abroad either.

Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Sergei Odintsov at The Last Hero in 2000. Archival photo.

The Swedes, who joined the team of champions, quickly adapted and managed to prove themselves. The editors of The Last Hero noticed that Denis has sympathy for the representative of the tribe of newcomers, Alexandra Maslakova. The actor and finalist of the Miss Russia 2015 beauty contest exchanged warm looks and a friendly handshake during one of the tests. Whether events will develop in this direction, the next issues will show, but so far there is information that Shvedov has already returned from filming. The artist posted on his Instagram microblog his photo taken during the filming of the reality show, noting that he was extremely thin on it.

“Nagy, take a nice picture of me. ## master positioning. Hello everyone! My digital detox is over, and with it the #lasthero shoot! I shriveled up, rebooted, and met new friends. Didn’t miss social networks and other benefits of civilization. So I’m learning to print again and post pictures) I will write about my impressions and experiences later, “Shvedov wrote in his microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. – Noteed.). How much the author of the publication lost weight on “The Last Hero”, he did not specify.

Denis Shvedov, who lost weight after “The Last Hero”, posted a photo in the aircraft cabin

Note that following the results of the first edition of The Last Hero, the tribe of champions lost one of its members. Due to health problems, as well as the mother’s illness, Lena Perova left the island. After an unsuccessful test, after which the rivals took the victory, the 44-year-old artist herself asked to go home. She complained about her age, a broken collarbone, and noted that her stay in Moscow would be more useful. Later, in an exclusive interview with Vokrug TV, she said that she liked her colleagues, and if the circumstances were different, she would have stayed in the show. The singer also admitted that she sympathizes with the host of the project, Yana Troyanova, and if the “Hero” were led by some other person, she would not agree to fly to the shooting.

We add that in the tribe of newcomers there are now not eight, as initially, participants. In the last edition, at the first council, a majority of votes decided to exclude student Tatyana Root from the team. Despite the good results of Krasnoyarsk in the tests, she could not find a common language with some of her fellow tribesmen, including Elmira Abdrazakova and Sasha Maslakova. Tanya accused the girls of hypocrisy.

Exclusive interview with Denis Shvedov “Around TV”

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