Apr 1, 2021
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The star of “Crooked Mirror” Alexander Morozov arranged a casting for the role of his wife in the show of Andrey Malakhov

22:55, 01.04.2021

The comedian, who has lost 60 kilograms, is ready for changes in his personal life.

47-year-old comedian Alexander Morozov is getting used to his new look after several operations that helped him lose weight and tighten his figure. The Crooked Mirror artist turned to plastic surgeons in 2015 when he weighed over 140 kilograms. The main goal of the humorist then was not the aesthetic side of the matter, but health problems, which forced him to fight overweight. In the show “Andrey Malakhov. Live “Morozov showed footage from his weight loss video diary and admitted that he now looks like a man and is ready for changes in his personal life. On television, they staged a casting for the role of his future darling. Each of the four applicants of different ages told why Alexander should choose her.

A still from the show “Andrey Malakhov. Live”

42-year-old Moscow bodybuilding champion Alena Yakimova, who moved to the capital from Kazan, expressed her readiness to carry her future husband in her arms, but at the same time admitted that she dreams of becoming a weak woman. The second contender for a wedding ring from Morozov was a 28-year-old Japanese language teacher Rina Ramzaevapromoting body positivity. Came to the studio in the hope of reciprocity of the star of “Crooked Mirror” and a 63-year-old pensioner Violetta Sikalova, but in the middle of the program, her husband suddenly appeared in the frame and scolded her wife for lying. The four “brides” of Alexander Morozov were closed by a 25-year-old Muscovite Yulia Ilyinawho is tired of relationships with married men. However, the humorist was not ready to give the ring to one of them. He admitted that his heart and body belong to a bariatric surgeon Natalia Bordanwho helped him lose weight and handed her a bouquet of flowers in the studio.

Alexander Morozov after all operations

Natalia told Andrei Malakhov and the guests of the program that her patient underwent a seven-hour operation to remove excess adipose tissue. She also noted that after stomach surgery, he lost 60 kilograms, ceasing to suffer from hypertension and diabetes. In the fall of 2020, we recall that in Boris Korchevnikov’s show “The Fate of a Man” Morozov spoke about the gastric bypass he had suffered. According to the artist, all celebrities who were very large in the past have probably done this operation, but not everyone talks about it. Doctor Natalya Bordan noted in an interview with Andrei Malakhov that Morozov now weighs about 80 kilograms. He walked to this figure for six years, having gone through several operations.

Alexander Morozov before losing weight

The mother of Alexander Morozov and his illegitimate daughter also came to the studio of the TV show. Anastasia, about the existence of which viewers learned from the program of Andrey Malakhov in 2020. However, in that release of the program, the results of the genetic examination were not made public. However, the humorist’s mother said that she did not need them, because even without them she would gladly accept the girl and all her relatives into the family.

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